Friday, January 1, 2010

Where there's a will, there's a way

We have an umbrella stand for hanging laundry outside by the deck, but in winter that task is too cold for my blood. We do have a nice clothes rod in the mudroom/laundry room, but that room, which faces northeast, gathers too much moisture in the wintertime. So, I asked my hubby to come up with a way to hang clothes in our attached garage. I don't drive the car every day, and besides, I never warm it up, just get in and go, so fumes stinking up our clothes is not really an issue. He came up with the perfect solution this morning, and I'm quite proud to show that we're already using it. That strange looking beige thing on the right is my clothespin bag. Fashioned out of a coat hanger and some scrap material, we've been using it since shortly after we married 20+ years ago.
Thought I'd also show off a sample of what I did yesterday: ironed tissue paper saved from gift bags! Determined to save a tree in every little way. I'm especially mindful of trees these days, as we use a wood burner to supplement our heat so I'm very conscious of that natural resource.
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