Monday, November 26, 2007

Every little thing counts

The less we can spend on the things that are of no lasting value, the more money we have to spend on things that are important to us. What would you rather spend your money on: bottled water, toilet paper and toothpaste, or your home, travel or even clothes? Squeezing the last bit of paste out of the tube has become a challenge for me. Others may find that ridiculous, but I am not out to subsidize a fine lifestyle for the makers of Colgate, I'm trying to fund a rich life for me. A few extra squeezes of toothpaste do matter in the long run, when those savings are added to all the other little savings. When I was a teenager, I just filled the soap scoop to the top when it came to laundry soap; now I realize it takes much less to get my clothes clean. And it's not even good for the clothes to use more soap than is needed! Then there's the environment to consider...if I squeeze the most out of every packaged product, less empty packages will go to the landfill, right?

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