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BlogHer/GE Giveaway and Ways we save on energy and more

   BlogHer and GE have teamed up to present a giveaway...with MULTIPLE chances to win. 
   Like me, you can go to the blogs listed below and enter your comments for your chances to win an "energy smart LED GE light bulb, valued at $50. Best part for me is discovering some great new frugal/green sites and reading everyone else's comments on how they save energy in their homes.
   For more info, visit:, only open to U.S. residents.) Note: Rules state NO DUPLICATE COMMENTS, so put on your thinking cap as you go from blog to blog and write something different at each site.
   I don't think I missed the chance to leave a single comment, so I'll have several chances to win. GOOD LUCK to each of you as well!
Here's my
(My edited down comments left on each of the blog sites whose links are below)

Grocery Cart Challenge
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
Save water bills; tape into a book to reminder to use less and less!
Points of Review
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
Bake with SunOven...with back-to-back usage, cook as many as three dishes in one day with NO energy costs!
Fluid Pudding
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
In winter, program thermostat to 68/day, 65/night.
Use woodburner to keep from using electric heat during daytime.
Cook on woodburner shelf, e.g., sautéing onions, to reduce use of electricity-hog cooktop of our stove.
Swistle: Reviews
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
Make a game of reducing usage of electricity or gasoline or one-time-use products! 
Use high efficiency washing machine.
Unless the laundry is really dirty, use only 1 tablespoon of liquid detergent. 
Some things don't need to be washed with ANY soap; keep eyes open for those types of loads.
Always wash FULL loads.
Almost always wash in COLD water.
Hang-dry almost all laundry, using indoor and outdoor rods/racks.
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
Use double sheeting on bed to add warmth by trapping air without adding bulk.
Joyful Abode
Comment left there by DMARIE:
Use energy-hogging blow dryer less. Put a couple of curlers in the top and let hair air dry most of the way before finishing off with a blow dryer…takes far less time to blow dry, uses far less energy.
The Frugal Girl’s Reviews
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
Use small florescent night lights with switches in most rooms, as often only minimal light is all that's needed.  
It’s Twinsanity Reviews
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
Switch all compatable lights to CFLs.
Use halogen light fixture seldom.
Sit/eat/work near the double-windowed patio doors for natural light whenever possible.
Raising Colorado
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
When watching TV, switch off all lights (except TV) one hour before bedtime.
Bento Reviews
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
Recent addition of 10 inches of insulation to attic immediately made a BIG difference. Immediately used less wood to keep warm in daytime; now electric heat often doesn't even kick on at night. Woohoo...means less $ going to purchase coal-generated electricity and more $$ in our pockets!
Mama Says
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
Use curtains and roller shades to save energy on heating and cooling our all-electric home.
In winter, close everything at dusk to keep out the cold.
In summer, keep curtains closed wherever the sun is shining in at full strength.
When buying new, buy lined curtains.
Jo’s Country Junction
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
Because allergies keep me from hanging sheets outdoors, Hubby constructed an 8-ft. clothing rod in our attached garage, where I can hang both a fitted and flat sheet, plus the pillowcases using pants hangers. 
Garage rod is also useful for keeping laundry moisture out of the house when it's raining/humid outside.
Tormville Extra Extra
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
Address the challenge of phantom loads head on. 
Plug TV and its peripherals into a power strip that only gets turned on for the few hours we watch at night. 
Small appliances with a light or a small transformer on the cord remain unplugged until needed. 
Sometimes do a house run-through just to make sure something hasn't been left plugged in accidentally.
Hobo Mama – Reviews
Comment left there by DMARIE: 
Never run dishwasher unless it is FULL. 
Scrounge around the house for items to fill the dishwasher if it's not full. 
After cleaning out all hair, hairbrushes can go on the top shelf. Dishwasher can also be used clean light fixtures and drawers/shelves from the fridge. Anything to fill it up!
No Big Dill - Reviews
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
Turn the faucet only to the cold side whenever using it a short enough time that the hot wouldn't even reach the faucet. 
Take military showers, turning off the water while soaping up, etc. 
When washing potentially germ-ridden laundry in cold water, add non-chlorine bleach.
The Saved Quarter
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
Wear certain items more than once before laundering. This change is coming hard for me, but it used to be a way of life for folks who came through the Great Depression. That generation lived through a time when there was NO money to waste on water or anything for that matter.
Tales of Me and the Husband Reviews
Comment left there by DMARIE:  
Thaw items from the freezer in the fridge instead of on the counter. 
To keep from opening the door more than absolutely necessary, sometimes open the doors and take a picture of all the contents. Study the picture to remember the contents, plan meals. 
Fridge and freezer run most efficiently when full. Wash and fill milk cartons with water to keep in the freezer. The resulting ice works great when making homemade ice cream, but also, we're assured of having some water on hand in the event of the water being cut off (which happened for several days one time due to a water main break).


Susan said...

Wow, what a great collection of very well thought out hints and suggestions. I'm really impressed!

Thanks for the links to other sites, will go and visit them too.

Dmarie said...

You're welcome, Susan. It's really too much for anyone to read but I hoped folks could skim and maybe find something useful. I'm visiting the other sites & reading other comments myself this morn.


Wow! Thanks for sharing your tips, that's a great giveaway!

Practical Parsimony said...

I'm impressed with your work--reading all those blogs, writing thoughtful comments, and then sharing them with us in one blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I´m very impressed of all these things on your blog for a better us- a better world! and a great collection of ideas how to save energy, it is so important! thank you!

Dmarie said...

@Spicy & Practical, thanks...and good to "see" you both again!
@alfarascha, thanks, I try, but there is still so much for me to learn!

Hoping we will all learn together!

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