Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Durned hot day calls for cukes, cookies and closed curtains

Yeah, I got lazy and didn't take the time to roll my cookies into a perfectly uniform round shape before cutting. Hubby won't care...neither will he care that these don't have a lovely pecan half atop each. He loves the hicans, the hybrid mix of hickory and pecan, that he painstakingly picked out of the shells in 2010. The nuts stay fresh stored in the freezer until I need them. Just used a standard sugar cookie recipe from Joy of Cooking then added the little extras.
  Sugar Cookies sprinkled with hicans and raw sugar. Not gorgeous but they'll tempt Hubby alright!
Decided to marinate a couple of cukes, sliced onions, fresh mozzarella and diced tomatoes in a quick zesty Italian dressing. Too lazy to hunt down a recipe, I used a cheater mix, but since this is my last packaged dressing mix, I'm gonna have to start from scratch next time. After taking the pic, I remembered the half can of garbanzos in the fridge left from the other night's Squash Tomato Garbanzo Medley and added them as well.
Okay, this picture is dark...well, that's the point! I walked near this door and could feel the heat coming through. Definitely a day to close the curtains, at least until the sun goes around to the other side of the house. Triple digit temps expected today, and the humidity, OH, the HUMIDITY!! The air conditioner doesn't kick on as often if I block out the day's heat.
   You doing anything different to beat the heat today? For our friends down under, guess it's getting colder. I never would have thought of that if it weren't for blog hopping. I love it that reading blogs gives me a broader view of our great world! Don't you?


Annie Jones said...

I did all my baking for the week (I hope) on Sunday, and like you, I've had the blinds closed since Sunday, too...well, all except the sliding back door blinds...those are open part of the time.

I hung three loads of laundry today (already). Not only is it cheaper, but in this heat, they dry faster than in the dryer and there's no added heat in the house from the dryer.

Also, I'm simmering some pork in the crockpot for pulled pork sandwiches. It puts off a little heat, but not like the oven would. If it gets too hot in the kitchen, I can just move the crockpot to the back deck or the garage.

{ T G L } said...

Those cookies look good! :)

I'm based in Europe and you're right, blog hopping has made me more aware of the opposite of seasons 'down under'. In general, I just think it's really nice to get a glimpse into people's lives :)

This Good Life

Practical Parsimony said...

If we had a way of keeping the sun out of the house to begin with, it would help curtains on the outside! I have been mulling that over for my huge kitchen window on the west side of the house. The afternoon sun just fills the kitchen and house with warmth even when the curtain is closed.

Dmarie said...

@Annie, so glad to read your comment...impressive! thanks for the reminder that I should get a load washed and on the line!
@TGL, you said it! love your word: "glimpse"!
@Practical, I'm with you on that! I've been wondering how those window surrounds that they used on One Tonne Life house ( would go over around here. Evidently the surrounds create a micro-climate around windows to save energy by reducing heat/cooling loss.

Mark said...

I think I've learned more about the world in my two years of blogging vs my entire life. I know that I've learned how to spell better for sure. Although I still make tons of mistakes.
Keep cool! m.

Kimmie said...

Winter here~!
Boy those biccies look good :]

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Dmarie..thanks for visiting me! We have a pecan tree that what you are calling hicans? My husband also likes to shell them..thanks for the hint about keeping them fresh in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look good. Try to stay cool.

Anonymous said...

First zebroids, now hicans. That's two new hybrids I've learned about this week!

Stay cool... or at least try to. Currently our AC is set to 68 and it's 75 in the house, and the AC hasn't cut off all day.

Lace up and Walk said...

To beat the heat I'm staying inside as much as I can. It seems like I just can't take the heat like I used to. An age thing I guess:)Those cookies look yummy and so does the salad!

Unknown said...

Freezing here at the moment. I have a roaring fire going to keep me nice and warm today.
It would be a good day for baking but them I might want to eat it all. Hope you can stay cool. Maa

Buttons Thoughts said...

Dmarie yes I love reading blogs from every corner of the world. It is extremely humid here and cold else where it is fascinating to say the least.
I love all the cool recipes you have in your blog. B

Dmarie said...

@Mark, me blogging and in life!
@Kimmie, keep warm & thx!
@Naturally, the hican is actually a hybrid mix of hickory and hican. A little stronger than a pecan in taste, I'm not as fond of them as Hubby is. :)
@Mel, thanks, so good to see you!
@Rain, wouldn't want your bills...yikes, too hot!
@PattiB, thx! I can't take the heat either anymore. *sigh*
@Maa, yeah, I'm regretting the cherry pie I made today. I'd been so good about only making things Hubby likes, so I'd not be tempted during the week!
@Buttons, thanks, what a sweet thing to say!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your cookies look delicious! I have never heard of hicans before.

Thanks so much for linking to our Baking party!

Mary said...

I had to make a trip home. I was down by the river and it was 100 degrees in the shade. Opressive.

Sewandthecity said...

Oh, your cookies look nice, i bet they were yummy! I am bad at cookies, they always melt in the oven and I end up in one gigantic cookie!

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