Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweeet: Cinnamon Rolls, Stir Fry, Mr. McGregor's Garden

STILL using that Amish Friendship Bread Starter...for Cinnamon Rolls this time around.
Wish I'd known to cut rolls with floss way back when. Makes it so easy!
Nothin' beats a stir fry for turning minimal meat into a meal! The green onions on top reveal my dirty little secret: I'm guilty of wasting green onions on a fairly regular basis. I buy them unbagged but forget to bag them when I get home. The green tops dry out VERY quickly. Now, why can't I remember that!?!
Thought I'd had a stroke of genius when I bought a waterproof pillowcase to use as a diaper changing pad. That way when the little one outgrows diapers, the makeshift pad could go back it its original use as a case. Found out the hard way that something FAR more absorbent is needed. Maybe if I wrapped the pillowcase in a towel?
Hubby is redoing my folks' backyard fence. While he was taking down the old, I was taking in the neighboring yard. I had to adjust the photos because the sun washed everything out, but this garden is even MORE vibrant than these adjusted photos. It's a shame my folks need the fence, because if I had this garden on the other side of my fence, I'd want to see it all the time!
We have great neighbors but must say there's nothing like this garden hiding behind our backyard. *sigh*
No, my garden is not nearly so lovely. I don't water daily like these folks do. I dream of our own yard full of plant beds showcasing mostly native plants, but I wonder if it's even possible to create a garden as gorgeous as the one above using only plants native to our region? How about you water your flowers or let them struggle like I do? Builds character! ;)


Anonymous said...

The stir fry and cinnamon rolls look delicious. I am one of those people that waters the flowers, but I often wonder if it makes a difference.

Practical Parsimony said...

My flowers are on their own. I have few flowers. Oh, I do water the Wave Petunias. That's it. However, my flowers are on shrubs, trees, or are from bulbs. You bake the best sweets.

yummylittlecooks said...

I do water my plant, it's a hot weather here in Malaysia, must water twice a day, if not it'll die.
I love the cinnamon rolls!!!

Mary said...

I LOVE cinnamon rolls! Why don't you publish your recipe? I am in total ferment mode over here and a guy at work has some of that starter!

Dmarie said...

@Mel, *chuckle* I hear ya!
@Practical, thanks! Trying to add more of the same to our yard!
@yummy, TWICE a day--yikes!!!
@Mary, sorry, but the recipe was a bit of a mish mash...even used some yeast to speed things up. filling from a cookbook: brown sugar, cinnamon, flour with some butter cut in. tasted good, but hard to get them out of the pan! guess the flour made things stick. (fortunately, nothing burned and once off the pan, they tasted quite good, but I'd leave out the flour next time.) wish I had a recipe for you!

Sue said...

Ack---stuck in a hotel room at 3:30 in the morning and you show me pics of cinnamon rolls???? I'm so hungry now. Sigh.

I never water my flowers and we rarely get water in the summer. I just put on a TON of mulch after the spring rains. Seems to work. The vegetable garden gets watered once a week. That's a bit more important, of course.

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