Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Donut delights on Small Business Saturday!

My two favs: a Chocolate Bon Bon and an iced Jelly Donut. Disgustingly sweet? Yeah, but gotta love ' was cheat day after all. ;)
Finally winding down after Thanksgiving. All the out of towners have gone home...they will be missed! Until next time...
Rolling Pin Pastry Shop: my favorite little locally owned and operated Mom and Pop shop!
What's not to love?
Supporting small businesses isn't so hard now, is it? ;)
   Saw some snow today. Well, it was mixed with rain but it still counts, eh? I'm wearing a t-shirt, a top over that and a sweater over that and STILL I'M COLD. I was not ready for this colder weather. We're only using the woodburner on weekends when we're sure Grandbaby's not coming over. Prefer the cleaner air for one as young as she is, but sure missing that wood heat!
   Hope you're staying nice and toasty over at your place...or nice and cool if you're on the other side of the world!


Sue said...

Oh, the goodies on display!
I would definately be supporting that small business!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely shop, it's such a shame that small local shops like that are almost dying over here.

I feel so full just looking at all those goodies!

Practical Parsimony said...

Our local bakery announced it was going out of business several years ago. Oh NO! This did not sit well with the community. That is where people go to get their bags of hot doughnuts before work each morning. Soon, the bakery was open again. I never have questioned why or how. Maybe I will.

The bakery was very old when we moved here in 1974. There is no way it can be driven out of business by the groceries around here. However, the owners may have been of retirement aga.

At any rate, we have hot doughnuts available each day. I don't want a dozen doughnuts and just usually get two cold ones later in the day, if at all.

ff said...

Oh, so cute! If it makes you all feel any better, we just had a new locally owned bakery open up in our neighborhood!

Buttons Thoughts said...

That place looks like somewhere I would not be able to stay away from either.
It is raining here. I cannot believe we live in Canada lol. It is warm now they called for snow today but I am not seeing any on it ground so I guess it is still warm.
Have a great day with the grand baby. B said...

Ok...I seriously want those doughnutty things...the icing!!!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

I love little bakeries like that. Now where's the coffee?

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