Monday, September 12, 2011

Longstanding love affair with Lincoln Boyhood Park

Lincoln Boyhood Living Historical Farm. This recreated log cabin is only one square foot larger than the one President Lincoln lived in as a boy in Indiana. The pegs jutting out of the wall to the left of the fireplace are steps up to the attic. Abe and his brothers climbed such steps to their beds each night.
Having visited many times since I was a little kid, I'd always called this place Lincoln State Park, but evidently the Lincoln Boyhood Living Historical Farm is a National Park.
This seasonal ranger said the shoes were made to be worn on either the right or left foot and that, back in the day, shoes were rotated from foot to foot, so that if something happened to one, a single shoe could be bought to replace it. Now, how frugal is that!?
LOVE these pegged shutters! Having finished installing my folks' new replacement windows, Hubby priced vinyl window shutters for them yesterday @ around $45 to $55 per pair. For some reason I couldn't convince him that he should make some pegged shutters instead. ;)
Lawn darts anyone? I managed to land only one of these corncob/turkey feather darts in the hoop lying on the ground by the tree.
How's that for a sturdy chicken yard fence? One of the rangers said that the eggs are the ONLY thing produced on the farm that they are able to share and take home at the end of the day, but I got the impression that eggs get wasted, because the workers can only use so many. *sigh*
Located in the memorial center, this may well be the largest braided rug I'll ever see.
Recent purchases of the truck and dishwasher really dipped in the till, so "brown bagging" lunch was the money-saving choice on this day's excursion. I keep forgetting to put some picnic flatware in our day cooler. We keep some plastic utensils in the cooler's side pocket and have washed and re-used them for ages.
"Labor is the great source from which nearly all if not all human comforts and necessities are drawn." Abe Lincoln
   On that note, time for me to go labor a little...laundry and ripe bananas are awaitin'! What labors await you today? Necessities or comforts?


Sue said...

Love the simplicity of that room.

Reminds me of an old "cathy" cartoon where it showed the simple tools of the kitchen in the 50's versus the fancy state of the art kitchen gadgetry now. And then the huge meals from the 50's---and a microwave meal of modern times. LOL! Ah , modern living..........

Dmarie said...

*chuckle* I can picture it! :-D

Mary said...

I'm looking for a day trip in a couple of weeks. I love these living history places!

Annie Jones said...

It looks a lot like Lincoln's New Salem near Springfield, IL. I think he lived in New Salem as an adult, though. I love these kinds of historic sites.

As for labor...lots of laundry and cleaning out the camper are on my list for the day.

Mark said...

I would kill for an empty room like that!

Al Firdaus lifestile & interior said...

love the shoe-story :0)
always love to see something from the other side of the world:))

Bruise Mouse said...

What a great place to spend some quiet time.

amy said...

This was fascinating. I place I would love to visit. How neat that you have been many times...
Labors for me today- Changing the sheets and dusting my bedroom. Cooking dinner/dishes. A little bit of necessities and a little bit of comforts. Love that quote. Have a good evening.

Unknown said...

Thanks for giving us a share of your tour, Marie. The sight of this log cabin is nostalgic; the way of life then was simpler and easier. And the people were not worried about the leaks on their roofs. But it's a big deal now because a single leak can destroy the whole structure.


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