Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maybe we'll all eat more veggies than meat in 2050

Had this Cashew Chicken Stir Fry right where I wanted it...until I remembered some leftover restaurant Chicken Pad Thai in the fridge. *sigh*
Last time I bought cashews in bulk, we ate them all toot sweet and none were left for stir fries when needed. So, this time I packed some up for the freezer in snack-sized plastic bags I'd bought years ago...before Hubby retired and I stopped working outside the home. Before I started watching money more closely. Before I started watching how much plastic we used. These will be washed and reused ad infinitum--then NOT replaced. (Also in pic: my baby mung bean sprouts--too young for this stir fry!)
Oh, yes, I did wait until 2012 to buy a calendar so I'd get one 50% off!
This is how my stir fry ended up once the leftover Pad Thai was added. Knew Hubby was sick of the Pad Thai, as he'd already eaten it TWICE; yet, there was still about a cup and a half left.  Believe it or not, I ordered and ate some at the restaurant--that's how much freakin' food they gave me! Though I liked my stir fry better before incorporating the leftovers and adjusting the seasonings to boot, it felt good to know nothing would go to waste.
   Stumbled across "What We’ll Be Eating in 2050" over on and learned a thing or two. Did you know that "Around the year 2000, the world’s population surpassed 6 billion, and then added a billion more over the next 12 years." I knew we were at 7 billion, just didn't know how quickly we managed to add a billion. The article is at once hopeful and scary, but I agree with the one guy that "we’ll be eating lots more veggies than meat in our meals of the future."
   What do you think we'll be eating in 2050? More veggies? More meat? Soylent Green? ;)


Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm blogging again...with a new blog.

As for what we'll eat in 2050...I don't even want to think about it. :o

Yan said...

I agree with you !

I starts eating more vegetables since last year and will be continued eating them this year.

Cheers !

Sue said...

I've always preferred a LITTLE meat and a LOT of vegetables.

Practical Parsimony said...

I just hope we can grow enough vegetables!

Lindy Mint said...

I'm thinking we'll all start growing our own vegetables in the back yard, since all those extra people will have to build condos on the leftover farm land. :)

My husband's favorite meal is homemade cashew chicken, his mom's recipe. I've never cooked it for him because it's a big undertaking for a regular night. We recently made a deal that we'll make it as a joint effort some Saturday night in the future. Yours sure looks good!

ff said...

That article is so interesting! I wonder WHY they predict we'll be eating more it because meat will be harder to come by? Or because people will be more health conscience? I really liked the piece about the rooftop farmer, too. Your stir fry looks delish! And kudos for no food waste!

Anonymous said...

I as well prefer to eat less meat! (some years ago I was vegetarian!!)..and I really like your words about the plastic bags!! so true! I wlays try to usw anything else but no plastics..and if there is no other choice I always reuse them! lovely post;)
ps: I hope your mother is doing well!?

Dmarie said...

@Annie, good to have you back!
@Yan, hope to be eating more veggies myself this year!
@Sue, me too...except when it comes to BBQ port--my Achilles heel!
@Practical, me too!
@Lindy, any time I toss both chicken and cashews into a stir fry I call it Cashew Chicken, but I've never made it the same twice. hope you'll share your hubby's recipe sometime over on Minting Nickels!
@femme, I guess it's bc animal protein takes more water/energy to produce. If we all became vegetarians, maybe there wouldn't be any hungry people in this world. *sigh*
@JenMuna, thanks--incredibly she seems good as new!

Mary said...

Population growth is exponential. For me it is a really scary thought just how many more people are here than when I was young. And the shift has been to move to cities, like myself, to work.

My natural inclination was to live in the country, grow my own food and preserve what I could. I did this for a number of years until I lost my job. New career = city job = enough money to survive.

I'm the weird old lady on my street that grows vegetables in her front yard, sits in her swing sipping homemade wine while crocheting dishcloths.

I don't even care. If the supermarket closed down I could survive for a couple of weeks at least!

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