Monday, February 6, 2012

Pie and cupcake eateries delight the eyes, if not the palate

I know, I know, eating at local joints has been my focus, but occasionally a chain restaurant catches my eye, as The Grand Traverse Pie Company we visited in Evansville certainly did. I mean, what's not to love about pie cases like these!
While good, Hubby's Chicken Pot Pie was not worth a return visit to the Pie Company, and the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich I ate was nothing to brag about either. Nonetheless, eating it did give me the idea to try to do better at home...hopefully soon! And I can't complain about getting to see those pie cases, even if the meal did disappoint.
Certainly, the sight of these cupcake cases at Gigi's Cupcakes did not disappoint. (You didn't think I would SKIP dessert, did you?) Thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head when I gazed on these babies--each and every one calling my name!
I could say it was a tough choice, but honestly, wedding cake is my all time fav, so a Wedding Cake cupcake pictured in the first case was my pick.
Hubby enjoyed his German Chocolate Cupcake but couldn't help wondering if they'd have given him a discount if he'd asked them to take off half the icing. Never thought I'd say this, but there was too much icing for me too. And I'm a "save me a corner piece" kinda gal!
Did pretty well on the Independence Challenge on my first day yesterday! In the interest of celebrating the good stuff, I included my successes in my bedtime accounting when I quickly wrote my top three things to be grateful for on Sunday. (Thanks, Meg, and Blessings, for reminding me of the importance of gratitude!)
  • Plant something: Started soaking some alfalfa seeds.
  • Harvest something:
  • Preserve something:
  • Waste not: Bought 2 more motion-activated nite lites (aka night lights *wink*), to save having to turn on overhead lights at night. 
  • Want Not: Added a 2.5 gallon container of drinking water to my emergency provisions.
  • Eat the Food: Cut up a cucumber into a pasta salad and a crab salad, using it up while still fresh.
  • Build community food systems:
  • Skill up: Mended my knitted gloves.
How's it going with any challenges you've taken on? Hope the usual challenge of MONDAY goes smoothly for you!


Shari said...

The best cupcake I have EVER had was at Georgetown Cupcake (the store behind the show DC Cupcakes).

There just really are no words. It was *that* good.

Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

It's so disappointing when a restaurant doesn't live up to expectations. And it seems like they disappoint more and more often these days. :(

Those cupcakes are lovely, but I agree, too much frosting. We have a new "cupcakery" here, but I haven't visited yet. I'm sure they'll be charging whole cake prices for a partial cake serving...LOL!

Mark said...

That's a real shame about that Chicken Pot Pie. I was drooling over it from here.
And yeah, that is a lot of icing.

Linda said...

I have been salivating while reading. Nope, not too much icing. I would have ditched the cupcake after I had eaten the beautiful chocolate icing.

Anonymous said...

I like Sharon's Independence Challenge - I was starting to feel guilty about how little I seemed to be moving forwards and it helped to put things into perspective. We SHOULD celebrate the little victories :)

Sue said...

I'd have to agree that it's a little much with the icing. Hubby, on the other hand, would love it if I piled on the frosting like that. Ugh!

ff said...

That German chocolate one looks sooo good! I like the "skill up" category :)

Melinda said...

Looks like a fun challenge! Those cupcakes are gorgeous, too pretty to eat! Baking really is a craft and talent all its own. :)

Dmarie said...

thanks for the comments, you guys! now I should come clean: I'd have been happy with the amount of frosting on Hubby's cupcake but my wedding cake cupcake had ONE More TIER of frosting!! oh, MY! ;)

Coffee Girl said...

Hi! Sometimes i go to bakeries just to drool at those pies too. Haha. I'm watching the weight so, sigh... Hey thanks for visiting! :-)

Unknown said...

Where do you find all these tempting places? I'd have a real weight problem if they were near me!! Maa

Wan Sharif said...

I love apple pie.. But We have only imported apples here.. I am drooloing at all the nice food in your pictures. Good to see we have mutual friend in Coffee Girl;)

Susan said...

Wow ... tempting or what!!! I've lost a bit of weight while away but reckon it all went on again just from your beaut photos.
Lovely to find your comments when I returned - thanks very much.
Will catch up again soon. Kind regards, Susan xx :D)

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