Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reduce waste: Hand soap

So hard these days to find bulk liquid hand soaps that are not anti-bacterial and the one brand they have at our local big-box store smells noxious (to me, as I don't like scented soap). This has led me to start using bar soaps for everyday and only pull out the liquid soaps for when company comes, as most people seem to prefer liquid these days. Since the bar soaps come in little paper boxes as opposed to a whopping big plastic bottle, seems like this makes sense ecologically too.


Practical Parsimony said...

Hi, I bought at Big Lots about 17 bottles of my once-upon-a-time favorite shampoo for something like $.57....a steal. But, my hair does not like that shampoo anymore. So, I use it in an old pump bottle that holds my only ever purchase of liquid soap. Double save! I don't buy soap, and I did not waste the shampoo.

Dmarie said...

good idea! I use crummy hair conditioner as shaving cream...though I have an epilator and don't often shave with a razor, this works pretty well.

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