Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Of Me

Cute little video on Do the Green Thing's site, a reminder to use it all the last drop, whatever "it" might be! Can't think on whose site someone commented about how she wasn't going to stress out over using the last of a bar of soap or whatever. To me, using every last drop or bit means MORE of my money going to me & mine & LESS of my money going to manufacturers. Besides, if you find it stressful to clean out a jar with a spatula or place a sliver of soap on a new bar 'til they meld, maybe you need to start meditating or do some other stress-reducing activity. Just sayin'. Anyway, check out this cute little video on All of Me.


Denbeath said...

I read years & years ago on 'Hints From Heloise' my local news paper ran: Save all of your slivers of soap and when you've collected enough stick them in the foot of an old pair of stockings, footsie or an old thin sock then tie a knot. I thought that was Genius!

I think it's fun to find ways to save. I enjoy the challenge and I love, love love depriving Corporations the pleasure of the company of my $$.

BTW, I love you blog!

Dmarie said...

thanks, Patty. clearly, a kindred spirit!

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