Thursday, May 26, 2011

Second hand, not second rate!

May not look like much but my 25¢ cent cheese slicer
is exactly what I needed. (okay, wanted.)
Egg slicer bought at yard sale ages ago still turns the trick!
My heart beats a little faster every time I find some old kitchen gadget at a yard sale. The quality of old kitchen tools is often soo many times BETTER than those I can buy new at Macy's or Target.
   I tried to shave some Parmesan over pasta not too long ago and was not please with the way my slicer worked. And the vegetable peeler that I then tried didn't turn the trick either. So, I was ultra thrilled to find this antique cheese slicer/grater at a garage sale for 25¢. Works like a charm!
   Hubby's weed eater went kaput yesterday. Needed a new fly wheel (I think that's what he called it). Anyway, online the new whatchamacallit part costs $70 bucks, so he wondered if he was going to have to break down and buy a new weed trimmer. A few calls around town and he found the part for $50 bucks...cheaper than buying a new trimmer, since his trimmer is heavy duty, well made and would cost much more to replace.
   But when we got to the parts shop, the owner went out and came back with a used part and offered to sell it to Hubby for $20. Evidently it didn't take Hubby long to replace the part, 'cause I hear the distinctive whine of a weed whacker out in the yard now. Yea!
   Anyone else brake for yard sales? I think they call 'em boot sales in Scotland. What do they call them in your neck of the woods? 
Sifter handed down when Mom bought a new one.
I don't mind rust as long as it doesn't affect the food.


Mark said...

Love your yard sale finds!
I'm drawn to those things too but the recovering hoarder in me keeps me from buying them. But good for you!
Your Friend, m.

Dmarie said...

Mark, I'm trying to become more of a minimalist myself, so one cheese slicer went out the door (to charity) to make up for the one that just came in! ;)

BLD in MT said...

Ah yes, I cannot resist the Siren song of the yard sale. I am pretty firm in the one-in-one-out policy like you have going on. I am in a continual process to upgrade my shabby Target-type plastic items (especially in the kitchen) to vintage metal and glass items. Yes, they just don't make things like they used to. Good finds! "Second hand, not second rate!" - That is quite a slogan. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Great finds!! I love garage sales, but haven't been to many lately.

Dmarie said...

@BLD, I know that lots of folks would rather have some new plastic doodad than a used one, but I think the quality of the old ones would make a convert out of them!
@Mel, I was headed to the grocery the other morning and drove right through a neighborhood sale. I parked the car and hit so many sales that I got bored with shopping them before I ran out of places to go. that doesn't often happen! I was proud of myself for only buying NEEDS and no wants (well, excepting the 25 cent cheese slicer).

Kimmie said...

Love vintage kitchenalia :]

Anonymous said...

"Second hand, not second rate!" - That is quite a slogan. I think we should make bumper stickers, and send out flyers, Because it's so true, things are not made to last these days!
There are bumpers sticker I have seen that say
"We brake for ALL yard sales"! LOL

cathy@home said...

Love the slogan my house is nearly all twice loved. I try the policy one in one out as best as I can.

becky3086 said...

I would much rather have an old kitchen utensil than a new one. You are right they really do work better and last so much longer.
I love a good yard sale!

Tightwad Mom said...

Mmmmmm! I am totally in love with all kitchen gadgets ("young" and old). I am currently looking for an "old" pastry blender like my Grandma owned. The new fangled ones just don't do as good of a job. Yard sales totally rock. My Homeowner's Association hosts a neighborhood yard sale every year. It pretty much ends up being a junk swap amongst the neighbors, but it is a total blast!

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

I LOVE yard sales...garage sales...they are my favorite :-)

That slicer is awesome.

Unknown said...

You were quite right. Here in England we call it 'Boot Sale', oir if you travel to one out in the sticks where traders have come to sell from their cars or vans, we then call it a Car boot sale.
And just like you, I too find it exciting to rummige and find the old kitchen gadgets. I also look for the old style cookery books while there. Farmhouse recipes make such hearty meals!

Lace up and Walk said...

Oh yes I love a good yard sale. It's always fun to find a something I've been looking for. I'll let you in on a secret...I've had the same flour sifter for over 20 years and it has no rust. Simply because I never wash it. When I finish sifting flour I just bang it out good and store it in a plastic bag. I know some people will freak out about that but it has worked for me and my sifter:-)

melissa said...

I love a good yard sale, and am totally with you on the kitchen gadgets! Older Pyrex is one thing my eyes are always peeled for.

Dmarie said...

@Kimmie, me too!!
@Blessings, maybe I got my title from a bumper sticker too. who knows? ;)
@Cathy, I went to a garage sale this morn and bought some cookbooks...I'm gonna have a REAL hard time with the one in, one out this time!!
@Becky, yes, the way the old stuff lasts never ceases to amaze me!
@TWM, my pastry blenders sits in the drawer these days. lazy me uses the food processor! :(
@Meg, "awesome" is just what I think about it too!
@Sarina, oh, yes, old timey cookbooks are great. Love reading the ones past their copyright date on

Dmarie said...

@Melissa, I look for clear Pyrex these days. If it's in the fridge and we can't see through it, we forget to eat it!

Al Firdaus lifestile & interior said...

hello dmarie!I'm in a hurry, so only short: I no longer felt safe on my blog (got bad emails etc.) I moved and changed some thing to more "privacy" hope that everyone will understand this..
sending you warm greetings

Dmarie said...

@Patti Bee, I wish I'd learned that long ago! I do the same now!

@Sarah, I'll really miss your blog! BUT I understand completely!

Food Glorious Food! said...

Wonderful finds!Always love garage sale!

Al Firdaus lifestile & interior said...


Pam said...

Great yard sale finds! I have to stop when I see old kitchen wares too. My faves are old peculator coffee pots and veggie colanders.

Susan said...

Such treasures out there to be found!
Good quality too, as you say.
Over here they call them garage sales :D)

Dayla said...

In Australia we call them garage sales, and I am having one tomorrow.
We are moving house and need to get rid of some stuff. Hope to make a few hundred dollars. I don't go to many as I am afraind I will buy something and I have enough stuff thanks.

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