Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Make over: Customizing plain white sheets

One of the library books resting on my lap these days is The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss. (Learned about this book over on The Spicy Perspective; She is doing a fabulous job of providing recipes that adhere to Ferriss' "slow carb" ideal.)
   LOVING this book. If I remember nothing else, I hope to remember Ferriss' concept of the importance of finding the MED or "minimum effective dose." Of course, he's talking about the minimally effective amount of exercise, but this MED philosophy can be applied to save time or money in many areas of our lives.
   For instance, I realized that painting the bathroom Chinese red meant that--unless I wanted the RED bath to stick out like a sore thumb--I had to sprinkle little touches of red throughout our home.
   Not wanting our house to be ALL about red, I've been searching for the MED or minimum effective dose of red for the other rooms.
   When I visit fancy home shops, I always moon over the custom sheets...often embellished with fine laces or satin ribbons. But I don't need new sheets and wouldn't spend THAT much money on them anyway!
   An affordable alternative was in order: for our master bedroom, I decided my white sheets could use a little shot of red, and a little red cording (and Mom's sewing skills) just turned the trick.
   Still debating whether to put another line of cord on the top sheet. Would I like that just as well or better? So, guess I am deciding whether I have found my MED of red yet for these sheets. ?? Feel free to weigh in if you want!


Anonymous said...

I love the touch of makes white sheets more interesting:)

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi, red in white...very neat and beautiful.Love the colors

Ashley said...

Very cute!

Little House said...

I love the embellishment of red on the pillow cases. It's gorgeous!

Susan said...

Love the red cording. Seems just right to me :D)

m.aziz said...

Very Nice! another line of cording would match nicely:)

Lindy Mint said...

I love that you're finding your MED of red. :) I would vote to add it to the sheet too. It couldn't hurt. And it's never bad to have too much red in a bedroom.

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