Monday, May 30, 2011

Hiding an ingredient I don't like in recipes that I do

When Hubby's out of pocket and I only have to feed myself for a few meals, I often buy a package of fake crab meat, that surimi fish product otherwise known as krab. I love the stuff with some homemade seafood cocktail sauce...makes for a quick, no-cook protein for my solo meals. Well, lately I bought a different brand of krab, and well, yuck! Both the taste and the texture!
   Wasting the krab was NOT AN OPTION however much I disliked it, so my plan of not having to cook for a couple of meals went out the window.
Krab Bisque transformed the yucky krab into something I liked for one lunch.
Krab and Gruyère Flatbread made the offending krab surprisingly tasty.
When Hubby could finally join me for a meal, we polished that krab off.
Krab and Cauliflower Bisque was the krab's last hurrah. Hubby never knew I was passing off an ingredient I didn't like, because we both liked this soup.
Just had to show off the reusable filter I discovered.
New coffee pots now come with this filter, but I bought one before they did.
Soon as I bought Hubby this pot, I'd looked online for a filter
like this, but they didn't sell them for the 4-cup pot then.
Isn't that the prettiest li'l thing you ever saw?
No more wasting money on filters,
and less paper waste.
(Note: we did compost the used paper coffee filters.)
   Have you bought any yucky food lately? What did you do with it? Or found any new products that will save money in the long run? If so, I'd love to hear about it!  (Feel free to leave a link, if you've already blogged about these things.)
I'll be out of pocket myself a few days,
but hope to find the time soon to show you why!!
Each Memorial Day, I am humbled by the remembrance of those who have died in service to our country. May our world leaders always strive for diplomatic solutions that we may--brothers and sisters ALL--live in peace and harmony forever after.


Food Glorious Food! said...

Great idea hiding ingredients that we don't like ;) Should do this so that my hubby eats everything without knowing the truth..

Dmarie said...

@FoodGF, we often get lucky around here. Sometimes I make stuff I don't end up liking but Hubby does and vice-versa. RARE is the day that neither of us like something, a good thing since I hate wasting food!

Practical Parsimony said...

My mother made the best homemade spaghetti, and I can make it the same way, using her recipe. But, when I was in my twenties, I went to her house and stirred the cooking spaghetti. It was smooth, not chunky with all the ingredients like onion and mushrooms. I asked her what happened. She said she was sick and tired of people picking things they did not like out of the spaghetti, so she used the blender. Now, that is really hiding food.

I use celery for seasoning in many foods. If I throw sticks of celery in the food, I pick it out. If I chop the celery really small, I will eat it. I even have to hide things from myself.

Practical Parsimony said...

To clarify--I put celery in pots of food I cook. When I put celery in potato or tuna salad or such, I dice it small and can eat it. I just cannot abide biting into large pieces of celery, cooked or uncooked even though I like the taste in food.

Unknown said...

Yuk! Fake crab... I just couldn't eat it. I think I'd have to feed it to a stray cat or something. Even then I'd feel guilty!
Yes I do hide some foods in with others. Don't tell Petal will you?

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who likes fake crab as much as I do!! I was beginning to think I was the only one.

Susan said...

Ha ha, I like your style.
For years I hid lots of things.... green beans cut up so tiny no one could suspect.
When we were visiting our family last week, I made a salmon bake and cut up broccoli.. again, very tiny. No broccoli-hater noticed ;-)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

You are so inventive!! If you get a chance I would love for you to enter my eco friendly giveaway.

'Becca said...

I admire the way you avoided wasting the stuff! I have done this many times but occasionally failed--like the time we bought soy hot dogs that were so gross that we wound up also wasting some potatoes we'd cooked with them in a sort of hash to try to make them bearable; we wound up with Dog-flavored potatoes. :-p

My biggest success has been kale. We started getting a farm share that gave us huge bunches of it, and the only way I knew to cook kale was my family's traditional recipe involving very strong flavors. Not liking that so much, we tried other strong flavors. Now we know so many ways to use kale that we actually buy this nutritious, low-priced vegetable ON PURPOSE!

Anonymous said...

I also like fake crab...Hubby detests it!

Niki said...

I love this. We kind of do the same thing, but with what's about to go bad. Like we had apples about to turn so we make an apple cake or we had limes on the verge so I made raspberry lime bars. We rally don't have a whole lot of food waste in our home for that reason. Except lettuce, you can only eat so many salads.

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