Monday, May 9, 2011

See what that this DVD made me do! Water shots too.

What looks like a watershed beyond the ditch is normally arable farmland.
Western Kentucky is pretty waterlogged these days. May days normally spent outside in gardens and flower beds find us all just waiting for the ground to dry. Fortunately, after 14 straight days of rainfall, we are in a reprieve, so the farmers are out in the fields that aren't under water even after dark...even on Mother's Day!
Overflow! Rods in the mudroom and garage were full.
   The other day threatened rain all morn, so I considered just putting my two loads of laundry in the dryer, but while waiting for the first load to wash, I popped in a DVD: Call of Life. An eye opener, to say the least!
   This was not shameless propaganda but instead gripping testimonies by noted scientists/academics from esteemed institutions like Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. If interested, see below for the trailer, which tells the tale of the documentary in brief. Hard words for sure, words that I don't want to forget as I endeavor to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Call to Life  leaves no doubt that we face a crisis that we must address or "entire eco-systems may face irreversible, chain-reaction system collapse."
   So, despite threatening weather outside, I hung my two loads of  laundry to dry...INSIDE! Looked goofy but I'll share a pic anyway. After all, I'm a bit proud of my moment of renewed realization that maybe the little green things I do actually COUNT.
   I know not everyone can hang laundry inside (or out) to dry. But there are soo many other ways to reduce one's impact on the environment. I have so much to learn!
   No time for guilt tho'. I can't change how un-green I've been--I can renew my resolve to make conscious efforts to be green where I can.
   Let's get our GREEN ON! Feel free to leave a link to share any of your green moments--frugal posts count. Why, if frugal had a color it'd be green!
This shot taken out sunroof while driving--not recommended in traffic! ;)

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Anonymous said...

oh so much water! we have very little rain here this year..thanks for the trailer, will surely have a look its a very a very sensitive and important topic!


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