Sunday, May 29, 2011

Angel Food Cake leads to Chocolate Pot de Crème

Chocolate Pot de Crème in a vintage champagne glass
Pictured with my recent 25¢ yard sale tea towel find.
Anytime I bake an angel food cake I'm left with the challenge of what to do with all those unused egg yolks! Well, I've still got lemon curd in the freezer waiting to be eaten, so I went another direction this time with some of the yolks: Chocolate Pot de Crème, as found in the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.
   I used 3 ounces of bittersweet in place of  3 ounces of the semi-sweet chocolate, but this recipe was still WAY too sweet for me (yes, me, tho' I often say I could eat a whole cake). The recipe makes a lovely, smooth and creamy custard that is actually closer to fudge than pudding, if I'd stopped after two little bites, I'd have said I love it. Hubby seems to like it fortunately, but since it won't tempt me, it's the perfect dessert to have around!
   Really LOVE chocolate but for some reason not a chocolate fudge fan...more of a peanut butter fudge kinda gal myself. Wonder if I could make Peanut Butter Pot de Crème?! How about you: chocolate or peanut butter fudge?
Had a free carton of regular eggs but used one organic egg...see the diff?
Click to enlarge recipe. Caveat: Do not make this unless you like things SWEET!
Still trying to become more minimalist:
Should I downsize my vintage champagne glasses?
Champagne flutes keep the bubbles in longer,
but the ultra-thin glass of the antiques feels soo good to sip from.


Food Glorious Food! said...

These are great for parties! Thanks for the yummy recipe!

Practical Parsimony said...

I am drooling.

Dmarie said...

@FoodGF and Practical, do I see some chocolate overload fans here? ;)

Kimmie said...


Unknown said...

Great recipe. Have me drooling!

Practical Parsimony said...

I ate so much chocolate last night I was sick feeling. I can eat more chocolate than anyone you know without getting ill. Of course, I don't indulge in tht much often. But, it was in front of me, on my lap, and I was too lazy to move the laptop to take the chocolate back to the kitchen. Okay, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Raz Godelnik said...

Hi Dmarie,

It looks great, but actually I'm adding a comment as you just won a copy of 'The Healthy Home' on Eco-Libris blog ( and I don't have an email address to update you with the news. Please send me your mailing address to so we can send you your prize.

Raz @ Eco-Libris

Dmarie said...

@kimmie and ty, love those comments!
@Practical, *chuckle* I can picture it!
@Raz, oh, boy! I've just discovered Eco-Libris and very much look forward to seeing more of it!!

Lindy Mint said...

Chocolate OR Peanut butter fudge, or any flavor, as long as it doesn't have nuts! :)

This is an interesting concoction. Is it a drink, or more like a pudding consistency?

PS: If you use the vintage champagne glasses (which it looks like you do), then my vote is to keep them.

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