Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's not to love about camping and roasting marshmallows?

Be it ever so humble...our t-tiny home away from home!
Takes us about 15 minutes to set up camp. We tend to get primitive sites...kinda fun living without electricity--for a few days! (Of course, the bathhouses tend to have electricity in most parks.)
Set up camp quickly, I'm hungry! Our impromptu, strangely orange and white meal:
carrots, leftover coleslaw, cauliflower and boiled shrimp. No braggin' rights but got the job done!
Camper's best friend: a quick drying towel.
Gotta love a towel with a loop for hanging!
When it's damp out, I hang my towel inside the camper.
Camped at Greenbo Lake State Park, up in Jesse Stuart's ole stompin' grounds.
He's one of my favorite Kentucky authors.
Highly recommend The Thread That Runs So True to parents and educators of any kind.
It's a fun read that will get you pumped about educating our youth!
Carter Caves State Resort Park
This place was fabulous! And this is when my camera batteries gave out.
I took a better pic with Hubby's camera...that will have to wait 'til I have more time to upload.
No time today! Gotta go--hope you have an incredible, unbelievably fun day! :)


Food Glorious Food! said...

Camping + Roasting marshmallows = Great deal of fun! Have a lovely week ahead!

Practical Parsimony said...

Will you email me? I cannot find a contact for you. I love roasted marshmallows!

Anonymous said...

You know summer is here when marshmallow on a hot stick is devoured!
Beautiful camp surroundings!

Niki said...

There's nothing not to love. Looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been camping since I was a kid. Looks like you had fun.

Susan said...

Love your little camper ... ha ha, yes, it is fun going basic for a short while.
Beautiful camping grounds and that caves pic looks beaut.
Happy camping - enjoy yourselves.

Annie Jones said...

Hi DMarie...I'm also looking for a way to email you; you won the giveaway on my blog. Please email me at! :)

Mark said...

Camping? Better you than me. But I'm glad that you had fun. m.

Mary said...

I haven't been to Carter Caves in YEARS. I'm headed out for a weekend trip at the end of June. I am a wimp and get the electric sites though!

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