Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playing the frugal game with laser-like focus, including the Fire King bowl I bought

Typical camp table.
Though we seldom use aluminum foil, it does come in handy for some camp foods. 
All right, despite my 2011 pledge to spend less, save more, I've been spending like crazy this spring. No regretful purchases, I mean, what's not to love about seeing the grandkids outfitted in matching pink visors, sunglasses and pink-flowered Crocs? Besides, having the money to spend when you want is one great reason for saving, but despite increased spending in some areas, I have re-intensified my focus when it comes to everyday purchases.
   Did rack up some points in the frugal game during our jaunt through northeastern Kentucky. We only ate out twice during our five-day excursion. And "souvenir" purchases were limited to one Jesse Stuart book, bought in support of the JS Foundation, and a vintage Fire King Blue Mosaic bowl found at a yard sale for a quarter.
   Yup, I went to a yard sale while on vacation! What better way to get the real scoop on the lives of eastern Kentuckians than sifting through folks' castoffs?
   True to form, I also hit a grocery in one of the towns we passed through. Groceries are one of my fav travel attractions, as I seek to bring home locally produced foods from whatever part of the country we find ourselves in. Got extremely lucky in eastern Kentucky when we stumbled upon a grocery that was going out of business, so everything was 40% off. That's how Knox gelatin ended up mingled with our camping gear.
   In an effort to decrease our consumption of food additives, I've decided to buy less Jell-o. If champion frugalista Amy Daczyzn can make her own jell-o, so can I!
   Anyone ever used unflavored gelatin? I'm flying in uncharted territory here! (New to me, that is.) Have a tom-terrific Tuesday!
Easy campfire Brats-n-Onions, with carrots hidden underneath.
Seasoned the brats with curry, oregano and pepper. Yum!
The sweet potatoes from last year's garden we brought along were simple and delish too.
My 25¢ yard sale find: a vintage Fire King Blue Mosaic bowl.
Embarrassed to admit that I had a box of Knox gelatin in my cabinet that must be 20+ years old.
Tossed it!
Boy, was I surprised to find their packaging virtually unchanged from then to now! 


Lynda said...

Many, many years ago I made my own Jello for my kids. Just started doing it again for the grandkids. It's been kinda' fun. I to haunt the local grocery stores when we vacation...thrift shops and Farmers get a true feel of the folks that live there.

Susan said...

Exactly so, you save so you can spend on the things you really want... and things for the grandchildren just the best fun - for everyone :D)

I wasn't sure what brats were but after enlarging your photo realised it was sliced bratwurst ?

The bowl is beautiful - great bargain too!

Dmarie said...

@Lynda, I agree completely. and good to know that homemade jello is good!
@Susan, oops, yup, sliced bratwurst it is. I'm big on sausages when EASY!

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