Monday, January 3, 2011

A new year to spend less, save more

   Ringing in the New Year here with the 2000 calendar, which has the same calendar layout as 2011. Each year a new calendar goes up in the kitchen but an old, previously used calendar works fine in the room where we keep Hubby's elliptical trainer. (Incidentally, the bell shined up fine after being smothered in ketchup for an hour as you recommended, Sarina. Thx!)
   Caught a news report that stated 13% of Americans resolve to spend less, save more in 2011--count me in! Yup, I made New Year's resolutions this year, mainly because resolutions help me to refocus on my financial/personal goals in life. Hey, if BIG money man Warren Buffett credits "focus" as the most important factor in his success, there's gotta be something to it.
   So, I hereby resolve to spend less, save more in 2011, and hopefully this blog will help me to stay focused on this and my other resolutions. Are you in?


Practical Parsimony said...

Spending less and saving more is always a good thing. I am in.

melissa said...

Count me in, too! Definitely a wise thing to do!

Cooking in Mexico said...

Your calendar reminds me of something I do with old calendars: I turn the attractive and colorful monthly pages into envelopes.

Steam open a regular envelope to use as a template. Then, using it as a guide, cut out envelopes from the calendar pages. Fold and glue, and you have something unique when you send a note to a friend, or give a cash gift to someone.

Spending less, saving more.

Happy New Year!


EcoBlogger said...

Great post and YES! I'm in! Reduce Reuse Recycle right? Funny how most people don't realize that those words are in priority order. The first being REDUCE! It's a hard transition but buying things out of necessity instead of luxury can be very difficult. It goes against our "American way of life" paradigm! We do in fact have a country filled with people who need to think seriously about their consumerism problem and we need to stop the endless fascination with keeping up with the Joneses. This useless pursuit has only served to leave most people with piles of trash & debt!

Dmarie said...

SOoo glad for the company...we'll keep each other accountable! And Kathleen, love that idea. I'll have to try to remember to snag my folks' calendar at year's end, since it's chihuahua pics that my brother would get a kick out of receiving as an envelope. thx

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