Sunday, January 23, 2011

Link love: Sites to save us $$ on gas

   Forgive the dirty car tire, just wanted to share something I've just gleaned from reading Wise Bread's book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget. Did you know that keeping car tires inflated properly can "improve fuel economy by up to 5%"? I'd heard this before but didn't realize the savings could be that much. Gotta love that!
   I'm going to try to remember to check my tires' pressure once a week. Can't hurt, might help, eh?
   Check out this website for more info on gas savings:, like how we should make sure to remove any weight that doesn't need to be in our car/trunk. Nothing new maybe, but if you're like me, a reminder may be in order.
   Something I didn't know is that " need special attention during the winter. Cold temperatures decrease the air pressure in tires." And under-inflated tires means more gas is being used, less $$ for me! Found this out on a Canadian site mentioned on Wise Bread. If interested in learning more, visit
   If you haven't visited Wise Bread lately, they're always worth the time spent to look around.
   Temperatures below freezing here, but fortunately, the roads have mostly been cleared of the white stuff that fell a couple of days ago.
   How's the driving in your neck of the woods?

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Unknown said...

Lower the air in the tires for the winter time, when a less inflated tire will give better grip on slippery roads. Just don`t forget to reinflate after, lol.

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