Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look sharp!

   Hubby doesn't like the way I sharpen our knives, so he does it. (Guess what? Works for me!)
   Keeping the knives sharp helps to make cooking easier. When cooking is easy, there are fewer reasons to eat out.
    For more on sharpening knives, check out this article on Mother Earth News. Apparently Hubby was right: I wasn't keeping the knife at the right angle.
   Care to share something you do to make cooking at home easier?


Anonymous said...

My main way to make cooking at home easier is planning - and lots of it! I hate the feeling of getting home from work and not knowing what I'm going to have for dinner.

I'd rather spend an hour on a weekend morning taking inventory of what I have, looking up new recipes, and making a list and schedule for the upcoming meals.

A little planning goes a long way!


Dmarie said...

I second that motion, J!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

My husband insists on sharp knives in the kitchen too. He's the sharpener guy in our household too. I never realized how much cutting and chopping can be with a sharp knife.

Mary said...

I love a freshly sharpened knife. But I have my husband do it because I'm awful at it. Growing up I don't think my mom even knew what a knife sharpener was so there were always lots of accidents, but with sharp knifes I almost never cut myself.

@Shorty, I agree, menu planning is another huge part of making cooking at home workable.

Anonymous said...

"Hubby doesn't like the way I sharpen our knives, so he does it."
Same here at our home...and I'm thankful...Once sharpened it makes such a difference.

Susan said...

Sharp knives are a must - especially for tomatoes!

To make cooking at home easier I'll cook double (or, depending on what it is, triple) the amount and freeze the other meals. Absolute heaven when we've had a busy day :D

Dmarie said...

thx for the comments, you guys. seems we're all in agreement here! and Susan, double/triple/freeze is a good plan...I just forget to do it! thx for the reminder.

Practical Parsimony said...

I make things easier by cooking big batches of everything. Some if it goes into the freezer. The rest is eaten over four or five days, sometimes lasting longer.I acquired new knives!

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