Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lazy alternative to price book

   First learned about the idea of keeping a price book from the ultimate frugal mentor Amy Dacyczyn, author of the Tightwad Gazette books. Loved the idea of keeping track of the best buys on groceries, so I'd know for a fact when the sales are unbeatable and it's time to stock up.
   I even made my own price book and recorded prices/stores in it. Trouble is, I never got into the habit of updating the record, so my makeshift price book languishes in my "wish I had done that" file.
   Here you see my lazy man's way of keeping track of the prices of groceries. I know, I know, this looks terribly tacky, so I wouldn't show my groceries to just anybody! (Hopefully here I'll find a few like-minded folks who may not agree with my methods but will surely sympathize with my intentions.)
   Having to look at the price every time I look at the package means I'm more likely to remember what I last paid for something when I run out. So next time I shop and pass the organic flour, for instance, I'll be putting some in the cart if the price is $3.69 or less.
   Any price book keepers among you? If not, how do you figure out if a grocery item has the best price for stocking up?


Lindy Mint said...

That's actually a really good idea.

I fall into the too lazy to compare prices at all arena, so I follow the Safeway club card yellow tags as my stocking up cue.

singlemama said...

wow! I'll make m price book soon! in my previous life I had no need to do it. I mean, with my husband's incoming we had a certain amount of money to spend for living. now, as singlemama with a part-time job, I always check in stores what is the best buy. thanks for sharing the idea! :-)

Dmarie said...

So you shop online, Lindy? Guess I missed that in reading your site. I keep reading about folks shopping at Safeway & I thought it was a bricks/mortar store until recently.
@Single, hope YOU can make a habit of a price book. Look forward to hearing about whether one works for you.

singlemama said...

I've printed the template and will use one of the little notebooks I have to make my brand new price book.
I'll keep you updated :-)

Elizabeth said...

I have been writing the price on my food for ages. I have never though of it as tacky. As a matter of fact, my neighbors think it is a hoot when they run short and need to borrow something. the price book thing was too much work and didn't work for me.

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