Sunday, January 9, 2011

Green Washing by Kelly Shea — YES! Magazine

For anyone with high-efficiency front-load washing machines, the VERY high cost of HE laundry detergents seems to somewhat offset the energy savings. Not a problem according to the article linked below. Yes, I will now be using just a tablespoon of soap for loads of laundry that are only minimally dirty. Favorite quote from the article: "Generally, a tablespoon is enough for a load.... Any excess could result in mildew and damage to your machine."
YES! But How?: Green Washing by Kelly Shea — YES! Magazine


Susan said...

Thanks for link to the article. Very interesting.

My front loader developed a bad mildew problem which I'd put down to the fact that it doesn't empty all the water in the final spin. Overuse of soap is probably compounding the problem!

After reading that article I'll happily cut back on the amount of laundry liquid I use.

Dmarie said...

Ours is fairly new, so I'm hoping this info helps me to avoid that problem, but I'll be running vinegar through it like the article recommends, as additional insurance.

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