Friday, June 10, 2011

This moment: A picnic, scrap paper and glue kinda day

Winner of the most valued toys of the day: crayons, scrap paper and glue. Some things haven't changed a bit through the years, have they?
   Well, the grandgirls were pretty much the focus of the week. Of course, unsolicited I love yous out of the mouths of babes make any efforts worthwhile.
   I did find a yummy new, incredibly easy cheese spread recipe in a book I flipped through in the gift shop when we took the kiddos to Mammoth Cave yesterday. I hope to share that mañana, when I get a minute to take an "after" pic.
   Thanks to Soulemama for this Friday photo sharing concept. Please feel free to share a link to your moment.


melissa said...

I see you're still enjoying the grand girls! Happy weekend!

Dmarie said...

thanks, Melissa, you too!!

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