Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boy, do I hate spending money eating in a hospital cafeteria!

I was in a hurry, so this quick tuna salad only contained
pickles, salad dressing, celery seed, salt and pepper.
Okay, there are worse things in life than being forced to eat in a hospital cafeteria...sure beats having to eat from a tray while in a hospital bed, for instance! But that doesn't mean I like to waste money buying ho-hum food when visiting loved ones in the hospital.
   To keep from having to spend a lot of money on convenience foods in these situations, I keep a box of Clif Bars (70% organic ingredients) in the car. Often used by hikers, the bars won't go bad in the summer heat of the car, and they make a quick meal when on the run. (No kickbacks for any product mention...just sharing what works for me.)
   Got lucky once to be home at mealtime. Not enough time to cook but enough time to whip up a quick tuna salad, the perfect fast food. Note: To avoid any mercury buildup from eating tuna, I mark on the calendar when we eat it and only serve tuna once a month.
   Once our loved one's health turned the corner, I even found the time to stop at a garage sale between hospital visits. Got the measuring cup set for 75¢ and the Fire King bowl for only 25¢. Isn't it a hoot that someone coveted the newer plastic cups more than the vintage glass?!
   Finding any good buys at garage/yard/boot sales lately? How do you save money when eating on the run?
My 25¢ Fire King bowl garage sale find has some finger nail polish on the handle.
Should be easy enough to clean.


Practical Parsimony said...

Is that the 8 cup, measuring/mixing bowl with a handle? I love mine and have had it for ages. For that price, I would probably pick up another. I eat tuna twice each month. Since I don't share it with anyone, I suppose I eat four times as much mercury as you do!

Mark said...

I try to have the kids eat something before we go anywhere. If not, I carry a few bananas and/or apples with me. And, I drink tons of water which hold me for a little while. Love the bowl! m.

Dmarie said...

@Practical, yes, but I took a look at it just now and discovered it is Fire King instead of Pyrex...even better!
@Mark, smart thinking! sometimes when I think I'm hungry I realize its been awhile since I drank anything & I'm just thirsty. I'm a water addict! ;)

Anonymous said...

Between my hospitalizations, my grandma's, and other various family members, we have started bringing in a basket or box in which we stock items like water, juices, granola bars, and other easy to grab snacks. It's good for those of us who are spending a long time there with family members, for spouses who are overnighting, etc.

Love the Fire King bowl!

Mary said...

I love a good garage sale find! I found half a dozen BLUE mason jars the other day for a dollar each. I was giddy! Typically I won't pay more than a quarter, but for the blue ones, I was thrilled with $1 each.

Dmarie said...

@rainintorainbows, you've just lighted on my fav gift for the families of those hospitalized!
@Barefeet, you are so lucky!! blue canning jars are forever on my list of "what to look fors" at yard sales!!

Susan said...

Our local hospital cafeteria has some very nice food - hearty soups etc. However, others I've been in - no way!
Your quick meal sounds ideal. I usually have some boiled eggs in the frig for whatever, so they're our first choice to take.

Lovely bowl - well done. Great find.

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