Thursday, June 16, 2011

On my mind: Never thought I could learn so much from a dinner party!

One Tonne Life, Sweden's remarkable reality show experiment in lowering the carbon footprint of living wrapped things up recently. Much to learn from the site and its webisodes, particularly the dinner party episode embedded here.
   Often what I learn reinforces what I already know, but as they say, "knowing and not doing is not knowing." So, for me, the value of hearing energy saving tips again is they increase my motivation to start or maintain the takes-more-time tasks...hanging laundry for instance.
   Besides saving our planet, saving energy more often than not means saving money. Gotta love that!!
   Thought I'd share some of the One Tonne Life tips/data that have helped me to intensify my focus on frugality. Let me know if you've anything to add...some days I need all the motivation I can get to not take the easy way out! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some laundry to hang!

One Tonne Life Energy Wasters:
  • Cooking with the lid off the pan results in a loss of 80% of the energy.
  • Layers of frost and ice make a freezer work harder, which uses more energy.
  • Pre-washing dishes is unnecessary in newer models of dishwashers.
  • We throw away about one third of the food we buy, which means we should take less or clean our plates!
  • There's a significant jump in the environmental impact of beef, as compared to chicken.
One Tonne Life Energy Savers:
  • Defrost frozen foods in the fridge, so the fridge has to work less.
  • If you must pre-rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher, at least do not use running water. Instead, stopper the sink and use as little water as possible (preferably captured water).
  • Cooking for many people at a time is a climate-smart move.
  • Cooking enough extra for the next day's lunch or another meal reduces energy consumption.
  • Open fridge and freezer as little as possible.
  • Spend 5 minutes less in the shower daily to save 14,000 liters of water per year.
  • Fill the washing machine to capacity to save every two out of three washes, by saving energy, water and detergent.
  • The clothes dryer generally uses four times the energy of a washing machine. Air dry whenever possible.
   Thanks, Rhonda at down-to-earth, for sharing this On My Mind concept. What's on your mind today? Share your link here or on down-to-earth. 


MoeyMichele said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hey, I love your blog! Can I link it from my Small Change Challenge blog? :-)

Dmarie said...

Thanks, Moey! by link it, do you mean include it in a blog roll? yes, thanks!

Mark said...

I love this stuff, thanks! And I always listen to guys named Lars. Great tips. But don't you find it odd that the teenage son is cleaning up after the girl's dinner party? That's not fair. m.

MoeyMichele said...

Yes, blog roll. Thank you! Added. I'm reworking my blogs this week, so check back if you want.

Practical Parsimony said...

How many settings on the stove? 68? It would take me all night to decide which one! So, my preferring chicken to beef is good for the planet. I could not believe there was a light in the dishwasher. Good show!

Dmarie said...

@Mark, I didn't even notice that...too funny!
@moey, I will, thanks!
@Practical, yeah, there'd be a learning curve, but I'd volunteer to be a One Tonne Life participant in a skinny minute!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

What great post! I love to find out good practical tips like this. Thanks for sharing them.

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