Monday, June 20, 2011

Little money wasters; also, Sierra Club turns circuit sheet into wallet, keyboard letters into magnets

Oops! Took the cookies out 10 minutes ago but just discovered I left the oven on!
Bought as set-ups for a party but everyone went for the margaritas instead.
Tired of looking at these in pantry, they'll go with us to a family get together this weekend.
No more buying cokes for parties!
Sweet tea, lemonade, water, good sipping bourbon/liquors, and a signature drink will do.
What the...! These pumpkin seeds taste like cardboard.
Don't want to toss them. Any ideas?
Not paying attention wastes my money!
Accidentally picked up the "medium" instead of soft toothbrushes.
Ah, well, one brush for car's glove compartment;
the one I brushed with once for scrubbing; will donate the rest to charity.
   Stumbled upon the cutest little repurposing project in this month's Sierra Club magazine. If interested in ideas for repurposing computer parts, check this out: Repurpose - July/August 2011 - Sierra Magazine - Sierra Club. Best Buy and likely some other stores do take old computers, but love these projects anyway.
   Anyone else wasted any money lately?? 



Apparently i need to pay more attention when I go shopping!

Mark said...

Plant those seeds!
I don't think I wasted any money recently but I usually leave that up to Fred.

BLD in MT said...

That wallet is neat. I don't know that I'd make one, but still very neat. My buddy has a wallet made all out of duct tape. I'm going to mention it to him as it seems right up his alley.

Also, perhaps you feel differently about this, but ever since I started composting I feel much better about the occasional food wasting (i.e. when I burn something or otherwise make something truly inedible). Not that composting allows free reign to throw out food...I still try to find a way to make it edible somehow...but sometimes there is nothing you can when you end up with cardboard pumpkin seeds for example.

Niki said...

With the warm weather our family has gotten really bad about forgetting to turn off the fans.

I lover your purple clover plant, we have one and it is amazing. It will not die. I have a tendency to kill indoor plants.

Oh we don't buy soda for parties anymore either. We don't buy it regularly, why not share some sweet tea, right?

Practical Parsimont said...

It infuriates me when I leave the oven on, especially in warm weather. In the winter, it is not so annoying. I had some sunflower or pumpkin seeds lately, that tasted like salty cardboard. I threw them out for hens or birds, just right on the ground. When I bought the wrong toothbrushes, I sent the packages to my daughter and her children. I did ask beforehand if she would mind using a toothbrush her very own mother had in her mouth for 30 seconds. She laughed and said she would use it. I did offer to send her a new one in the pack if she didn't want to use my barely-used toothbrush. And, I had sterilized it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the little tid bits...they always come in handy..

Dmarie said...

@Spicy, you and me both!
@Mark, I started them yesterday. so proud of myself! Hubby thinks I'm the spender, but he's the one who runs the water longer, etc. ;)
@BLD, *chuckle* agree completely on the reduced guilt!
@Niki, thx! when my boss retired, he kept trying to get me to take some piece of memorabilia, statues and the like. I chose this plant instead, since I was the one who kept it alive for all the years we worked together!
@Practical, once sterilized, no reason anyone couldn't use it!!
@Blessings, you're welcome! thanks for your tidbits as well!

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