Friday, December 3, 2010

Lip balm withdrawals get me voted off the island!

Every time I stumble upon that Survivor reality TV show, I cringe. I just know that if I were EVER to go on that show (as if!), I would be the first voted off the island--for whining about not having any lip balm. Pretty sure that without feeding my chapstick addiction, I would end up with a hideous fever blister so revolting that people talk behind my back and scheme to vote me off first. In a previous post, there is a pic of some balm that I found on clearance, but on the blog A Sonoma Garden there is an even better, more frugal option: MAKE YOUR OWN. For just about 50 cents each! Just discovered this blog this morn, but anxious to read more. Seriously gonna have to wean myself off this insidious addiction. Meantime, courtesy of Sonoma Garden, let's make our own lip balm, shall we?


Nisrine | Dinners and Dreams said...

Beautiful posts and photos. Have a great weekend!

Dmarie said...

thanks, Nisrine. You too!

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