Saturday, December 18, 2010

Making cooking easier means no excuses for take-out

   When I first set up kitchen, they didn't have all the fancy ceramic or wooden salt boxes. In my neck of the woods, they didn't even have kitchen stores like Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma (still don't!). For years, when a recipe called for salt, I poured salt directly from the box, over the sink of course, to catch the inevitable spills. Don't know why it took me so long to think to put salt into a little jar instead.
   Having salt readily accessible is just one of the many little ways to make cooking easier. Quick and easy means no excuses. No need to eat lousy, polystyrene-packaged take-out food on the run when it is just as quick, more delicious and much more comfy to eat at home.
   No need to buy a fancy salt box to make salt readily accessible when an old canning jar has just as much character. And for all those who have never suffered the frustration of trying to pour salt from the original container's little metal spout onto a little measuring spoon, why didn't someone tell me sooner?


Susan said...

Hi Dmarie,
Have enjoyed looking through your blog. Lots of good hints on re-using and I think your recipes are very appealing.

Luisa said...

Those boxes are not fun. I'm a big fan of jars no pouring or spills. I either use mason jars or cleaned out jars of food that I bought. The best part I can see when something is funning low.

Meanqueen said...

Hi, Excuse me for sticking my nose in, but you should be throwing your salt in the bin. If you google 'dangers of salt' you will find umpteen reasons why you should not be adding salt to your food. High blood pressure, stomach cancer, and heart problems to name a few. It is very bad for you.

Dmarie said...

Susan, Luisa and Meanqueen: thx for taking the time to comment! And MQ, looks like I'm going to have to get more serious about reducing salt in cooking. You're right and I'm hearing that more these days; someone else mentioned the "prussic acid" in kosher salt being bad for us. Thanks for the nudge to get me to learn more about this issue!

www, said...

I was just looking for an excuse to get rid of this Kosher salt some gave me! Does anyone remember when Morton's salt had a little shaker besides the pour spout? I paid more for that little shaker. When they quit putting it on the box, I changed to a cheaper brand and have never gone back.

There was always a cooking salt shaker on the stove anyway and another for the table. The one for the stove held more and got greasy, hence one for the table. Since I never used much salt, it doesn't really matter anymore.

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