Friday, December 10, 2010

This is on my mind...broken but no need to replace

The right tine on our pitchfork is missing, but it still works fine, especially for turning over and agitating the organic waste in our compost bins. So, I propose an amendment to the old adage, "If it ain't broke..." How about: If it ain't broke enough that you cain't use it, why replace it?

Thanks to SouleMama and down---to---earth for inviting me into their Friday photo sharing. Join me in leaving a link to your moment of show n tell here, on SouleMama or on down---to---earth. TGIF!


rhonda jean said...

I agree, dmarie. Why replace it when it's not broken ... enough. Even then, you could probably get a better replacement at a second hand shop rather than a China produced new one.

Thanks for taking part, love.!

Dmarie said...

I love the way you think, Rhonda, and that beautiful little wood-inlaid table you bought at a thrift shop is great evidence that secondhand doesn't have to mean second rate.

mrs green @ said...

Last night I was watching a fascinating programme about life in the War era.

In it 4 families had to run their shops like it was during the war.

There was a blacksmith and someone bought him a fork exactly like yours, only the broken prong was in the middle, so not great for digging!

I watched enraptured as he took an old nail, heated it up and attached it onto the broken prong. Hey presto - as good as new.!

The woman nearly cried when she saw it! As he said "Blacksmiths were the original recyclers!" It was a great insight into how wasteful we are now ...

Glad you are still using and loving your fork :)

Dmarie said...

great story, Mrs. Green!

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