Monday, September 5, 2011

Meatless Monday: Bittman on good reasons to eat LESS meat

Hubby's gone to the farm for the day, so guess what I'm doing? Watching TED Talks and cooking, that's what. Something really hopeful about watching bright people from across the globe share BIG IDEAS. See for yourself, maybe your favorite subject is covered on TED Talks' tag page.
   Just finished watching a talk titled "Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+," in which he relates what National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging discovered when they studied the longest-lived peoples. Guess what those 100+ folks had in common? A largely plant-based diet--a diet that slanted more towards veggies and fruits than meats.
   Not sure I want to live to be 100, but I'll eat a plant-based diet today for sure. After all, it is Meatless Monday. I'll be eating leftover cannelini/garbanzo/tomato salad for lunch and some leftover veggie soup for supper. With some air-popped popcorn and dates along the way!
   What's on the table for you today? Do you want to live to be 100?


Sue said...

I rarely consume beef anymore--our travels through Kansas/Texas and the huge-o mega feed lots changed my attitude quickly. People are so removed from where their food comes from--I truly think most people would not eat beef if they saw the HORRIBLE conditions these animals must endure....standing knee deep in their own excrement-the smell of ammonia so overpowering it makes your eyes water. And that's driving by, in a vehicle with the windows and vents closed. Makes me sick to think how horrible it must be to them---they can't escape it.
And no-I don't want to live to 100.
Loved seeing the Mark Bittman-I have a cookbook of his-it's quite good!

Dmarie said...

I think it was Fast Food Nation that first opened my eyes to the issue of those large commercial meat/poultry producers. And for the folks who aren't animal lovers, the e-coli in those places should raise a few eyebrows! yikes!

Mark said...

As long as I'm healthy and still functioning, I could stand to be 100. Let's talk then, okay?
Your Friend, m.

El said...

Health is everything. I do eat a primarily plant based diet but also love cheese and dessert!

Anonymous said...

A healthy diet is important for sure, we eat vegetarian at least twice a week.

donna said...

Everything in moderation...that's my motto:) The older I get the less I want to eat meat. Not sure if that's because I'm smarter or the meat doesn't taste as good as it did years ago.

Your post reminds me that I need a new popcorn popper.


Susan said...

We have more meatless days now that I've finally discovered how to appreciate tofu!
Today is a tofu stir fry with lots of greens for our main meal. All in one vegie soup for evening meal. We're back on the "good" eating track after a couple of indulgent days off!
I love visiting your blog - sets me up into the right eating frame of mind :D)

Dmarie said...

@Mark, may you live to be not only healthy and functioning but also HAPPY at 100!
@El, me too! finally at an age where I'm learning to like veggies as much as desserts tho'. sometimes anyway!
@5 Star, good plan!
@donna, I've heard others say the same. seems there's just no comparing grass fed beef to feedlot beef.
@Susan, been reading a lot about the benefits of tofu lately. seems I'm definitely going to have to learn to like it!!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Yes 100 sounds good to me. I know old farmers that lived past 100 and ate meat and veggies and drank milk and eggs. I am going to stick to what I have seen with my own eyes. Work eat right and laugh that is the secret. B

Buttons Thoughts said...

I have to say to Sue I am very sorry you seen that. I am a beef farmer and I can tell you I would be horrified at that to. Our cows are treated with the respect they so rightly deserve. B

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