Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lost camera leads to Photo-palooza!

Hoping this Kentucky State Fair showcase will inspire me to get off this computer and go create something equally yummy in my own kitchen!
Well, maybe it was inevitable: I LOST my little camera I'd been dissing lately. Hopefully at some point I'll find it and be able to post the pics I took of the absolutely scrumptious spread that my aunt M presented yesterday at her annual Christmas breakfast. Meantime, here's a mish mash of photos I've collected over the past year but never got around to posting. Mostly a bunch of quirky, disparate sights that caught my eye.
Evidently some things are more important than grammar. Yeah, it's risky laughing over someone else's grammar, when I've no idea how many grammatical errors have slipped past me here. ;)
Our meat slicer has more than paid for itself over the years; keeps us from eating thick slices when a thinner slice will do.
While motorcycling through rural Kentucky, we happened on this tiny polling station.
Some free spirits in Owensboro greet visitors with this "yard art" placed in front of their home. The mechanical horse's tail swishes back and forth. Makes me smile every time I drive by.
Can't even remember in what Kentucky town we happened upon this crooked house, but what a hoot!
Finally got smart and put our commercial dishwasher detergent in a container that lets me spoon out only one tablespoon per load, as recommended by the manufacturer. Using the pour spout on the original container made it too easy to use too much detergent. Yes, I still alternate using a commercial detergent with my cheaper, greener homemade detergent.
Hubby repurposed a couple of wine corks to extend this baby toilet seat, so it would fit onto our elongated toilet seat without slipping back.
 This city's sign, which has been there as along as I can remember, never fails to crack me up!
Because I would always rather look at food than anything else, I'll end with this pic taken at Moonlite BarBQ. This locally owned joint--biggest feedbag in town--is a favorite of out-of-towners, so we're sure to have a family get together there sometime during the holidays.
   There are ten HUGE apples in my kitchen waiting to be baked into a pie. Trouble is, I soo do not feel like cooking today. Wish me luck in getting motivated!


Lynda said...

Loved the were great! I too can't seem to get motivated today...think I'll pack up the car and go for a long drive..something I haven't done in a very long time. Need to get some alone time. Hopefully I'll get myself in the holiday baking mood. Good luck to you and your apples!

Dmarie said...

a long drive sounds wonderful to me too, Lynda. I've especially been wanting to drive around some night to see the Xmas lights. :)

Practical Parsimony said...

I hope you find your camera soon. Mine was lost for a week, forcing me to search for pictures to post and write posts I mean to write. Then, I picked up something and there was the camera!

This was a great post! Remember, you don't post your typos on the side of the road. Plus, didn't anyone else in the church see the typo?

I need apples. Send them on down! Apple pie sounds good today.

Anonymous said...

love this collechtion an the glimpse into a world so far away;)

Unknown said...

When you find your motivation...can you please send me just a fraction? Anything is better then none at all. I need to bake for Cristmas and I'm starting to feel it's too late. Oh well...looks like no weight will be gained in this household this year anyway!

Sue said...

I could stare at that bakery case all day. OMG. That stuff looks so delicious!

And losing a camera is bad, but when you finally find it, you'll be amazed by the pics all over again!

ff said...

Oh, no! I hope you find your camera soon! I love the crooked house and the shed that people can vote in! This country really is diverse and interesting!

Wan Sharif said...

We don't have home grown apple in Malaysia.. At least not that I know of.. Apple pie?.. Sometime we get in from MacDee ;)

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hope you can find your camera soon. Your hubby is so creative! My kids just finished using the small toilet seats but I come up with the wine cork idea!

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