Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Make over: from plate and candlestick to cakestand

   Just came across a great, inexpensive, home-made gift idea--a cute little make-over!
   Having stumbled upon the site Cooking in Mexico, I loved her post: Holiday gift idea: make a cake stand for your foodie friend. (She credits Wandering Chopsticks with the original idea.)
   The many variations presented on the two sites encouraged me that I could find a plate and candlestick combo around my own home. Imagining a pottery candlestick with an ironstone plate... Time to go look around!


MJ said...

What a fun idea!!

Dmarie said...

thx, MJ, I thought so too. Pls send me a link if you try it!

Cooking in Mexico said...

I'm glad you found Cooking in Mexico, and glad you like this recycling idea for making unique cake stands. It's such a nice way to show off a holiday cake.


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