Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A good day: Spent it cooking while admiring my new dishwasher!

Posting this just because I get such a kick out of seeing what others are eating! My lunch today centered around foods that needed to be eaten: roasted yellow squash, cabbage and onions with crumb topping; baked beans that let me use up some leftover black beans and leftover cane syrup, plus a tomato and yellow pepper; and finally, tomato and cottage cheese sprinkled with seasoned salt.
Soo proud of myself because I managed to cook up all the yellow squash that was in the fridge. Hubby picked loads of it a few days ago...sure didn't want to waste it! Several squashes went into the oven roasted veggies; cooked four lightly for freezing; and I cut one up into a veggie soup for tonight's dinner.
   On the one hand: YEA, I used up the last of the squash! On the other: BOO, the garden with all its fresh gifts is petering out!
New dishwasher finally arrived. We bought a better brand this time. (Translation: more $$$.) SURELY (Shirley!) a dishwasher should last more than five years! Hubby took the old one out last night. If he's not too tired when he gets home from working on my folks' replacement windows, maybe he'll install the new dishwasher tonight. Drying beside the food processor are my new pie shields I bought the other day. Still kicking myself for spending money the other day on NEEDS not WANTS, but these pie shields will save me from having to use aluminum foil on the longer baking pies.
The new dishwasher. Just having this gorgeous creature waiting in my kitchen (instead of on back order) is enough to make me swoon!
Hubby went dishwasher shopping without me. Sure HOPE he compared yearly operating costs before deciding which to purchase! That's his Cherries and Cream Parfait thawing...I froze what was left from our family gathering, so I wouldn't eat them!
And because I'd rather end a post with food than an energy tag, here's my lightly cooked yellow squash. Once they cooled on the counter and released as much water as I thought they might, I drained them. They'll cool completely in fridge, then head to the freezer for future use.
Managed to sneak a pepper and a tomato into my baked beans this time.
   Yeah, Wan, baked beans again!! ;)
   What's waiting in your fridge that needs to be used up? Or is everyone more efficient than I you manage to use most of your produce as soon as it's picked or brought home? Wish I did!!


Sue said...

I hate to admit it.....I'm one of THOSE people. I pick every day at sunrise and usually have everything processed/frozen within the hour. I've just gotten into such a routine, I don't even have to think about it.
But, I do take a cup of coffee with me to enjoy. It's a nice start to the day.

Practical Parsimony said...

Sue! You are making us look bad! Sunrise? Aaack!

Yay for dishwashers. Mine has been going for about 15 years. The first one lasted 20. I wish it would die. I just hate it. No, sorry dear dishwasher. I love you! Do you think it heard me?

I have considered getting the pie shields. So far, I just use foil.Maybe one day.

Sewandthecity said...

Dishwasher…it is a survival tool for me…, all those arguments of who’s going to do the dishes…I remember what it was like before dishwashers…dark times they were…
I hate throwing food away…it is not simply waste of money but it just feels so horribly ironic as there are so many people who have nothing to eat. We have now been living in Germany for just over six months, which is enough time to get into the local food habits – what I mean is - what you can and what you can’t find in the shops. So now we have gone back to weekly menus. I actually quite like them – one - I throw almost nothing, two – I am never surprised in the last minute as to what to cook (no time, cheese on toast again), three – I make extra so my husband can take for lunch the next day. If I have a lot of left over’s in the fridge I’d make a rice salad, chop everything and throw it in, or eggs and feta cheese and everything else in a casserole dish baked in the over for 30 min.

Mark Himes said...

Congrats on the new Dishwasher! I just can't believe that you let him pick it out by himself. That's brave!

Mary said...

Life as I knew it should return to a semblance of normal soon. My fridge, freezer, and stockpile has been dwindling the past 3 weeks. I am amazed that with my tiny front yard garden, vegetables given to me and the food in my house I have hardly set foot in the store!

This morning there was a bit of cheese, eggs, milk, leftovers from supper (which was packed for lunches), a cantaloupe and watermelon, random condiments, a bottle of wine and nothing more!

Dmarie said...

@Sue, I want to be like you! :-D
@Practical, maybe I jinxed my dishwasher into crapping out early...I'd been jonesing for one with stainless steel interior (no staining). be careful what you think! *wink*
@sewandthecity, I've been reading a lot about menu planning but have never gotten around to doing it. REALLY need to do it!
@Mark, sent him off with instructions to buy only a stainless interior...that was my only requirement but I figure it lowered the chances for error! ;)
@Mary, I've been hitting the stores a little too much lately. Maybe it's time I shopped my own freezer and pantry! Sounds like you have a cheese soufflé and wine dinner ahead of you! ;)

Patty said...

I am totally put to shame...tons of tomatoes going to waste in the garden because I put my hand in a mooshie one...

But the good thing is this...I put all leftovers outside...under a huge bush...we live on a beautiful pond and by the next morning it is all gone!!!

I love reading you blog!!!

Patty said...

You = your!!

Maa said...

I use up all my veges in the bottom of the fridge each week. Hate waste. It has taken me long enough to get used to buying for two instead of five..My vege garden is finally going in. Petal started on it last time he was home...yeah!
I use my dishwasher when I've had visitors and theres a big wash. Other than that it's only my little bit to wash by hand. Maa

Food Glorious Food! said...

Congrats on your new machine!!! I am waiting for mine too... can't wait!! Have a great weekend dear!

JenMun(a) said...

I do not have a garden :( but I still do have many many carrots in my fridge and don´t know what to cook with...:( maybe I must search for some carrot-inspiration...



Anne Dye said...

Lucky you! I would swoon if that dishwasher showed up in my kitchen too!

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