Monday, January 23, 2012

You're either getting better--or you're not

"I challenge everyone to
consider the direction and the value of your days–
because like it or not, those days are going by and
either you're getting better at something, 
getting stronger and more experienced…
or you're not."
Steve Richert, Living Vertical

Trying to improve upon the original Cherry Swirl Coffee Cake (which we like but always room for improvement, eh?), I subbed blueberry pie filling for the cherry filling and added grated orange rind for my Blueberry Swirl Coffee Cake. Less sweet than a regular "cake," this is perfect for breakfast. Mighty fine for after dinner dessert too!
Roasted a chicken yesterday...
will get at least four meals out of this bad boy.
On surfing the top ten adventure blogs (link shared yesterday), I came across the quote above and absolutely fell in love with it. I figure "you're either getting better or you're not" applies to just about everything, including recipes. Never had a problem motivating myself to tinker with recipes. Wish I could say the same when it comes to motivating myself to exercise!
   Any tinkering going on over at your place lately?
Had planned to make chicken pot pie using some of the chicken leftover from the roasted chicken, but since we had Grandbaby today, I didn't have time to make a pie crust. So, we had Chicken Pot Pasta instead. ;)


Barb. said...

I really like that saying. How good would I be now if I had read that 5 years ago. lol.


Dmarie said...

HA! you and me both, Barb!!

Sue said...

I envy folks that "tinker" with recipes. For some odd reason, I'm chicken (not pot pie!) to try to adjust them. I really gotta get more creative!

Lynn said...

The second great saying I have read today. The other my son posted on Facebook - whether you THINK U CAN or THINK U CANT.........your right.

I have been tinkering with my bread recipe the last couple of days; - not much - just adding a few different seeds and things. Makes for a bit of variety.

Dmarie said...

@Sue, my hubby might wish that I got creative a little less often. ;) (tho' you're no longer accepting compliments on your blog, you can believe I'll be following along as you transition into the garden season. yours is one of my fav sites!)
@Linn, ooh, love that saying too! and thanks for the reminder to add seeds to my breads. why do I keep forgetting to do that?!

ff said...

Love this quote! I've seen it in so many variations out of so many people's truly is inspiring! And, dang, your cooking looks good!

Melinda said...

Tinkering with recipes is just about a daily thing with me! Partly because I'm so very bad at remembering to write now my latest revisions! This is always a very disappointing thing when I get it just right... but can't recall just what I did!! :)

no spring chicken said...

Now that is a challenge worth taking... getting better at cherry swirl coffee cake!

Blessings, Debbie

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