Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make over: Love it when folks get creative!

Okay, if you can stand just a few more glimpses of San Diego, I just loved these examples of how people can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!
   What to do with all those seashells everyone keeps dragging home from the beach? Embellish a mailbox!
   And how to make a concrete wall look worthy of an oceanside view? Poke some rocks in it!
   What about those pervasive terra cotta tiles? Why NOT paint them?!
   Gotta love it when folks get creative with their outdoor spaces. Hoping these memories will inspire me to do something equally quirky...if only in the backyard where only friends/family will see.
   I think of such practices as green...essentially it's about making over objects to suit one's own personality. MUCH better than buying new, cookie-cutter commercial options. 
   Any funky/quirky/artsy goings on in your outdoor spaces?


Unknown said...

In the town I lived before coming here, there was a house completly covered in the little pebbles-just like that wall in your pic. Next time I visit there, I'll be sure to take a photo for you and post it on my blog. Must be some very bored people in this world! Haha! Maa.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas. I love the mailbox.

Practical Parsimony said...

I would love to put shells on my mailbox. the high school kids would love a new target! Those tiles are very pretty. It makes me wish I had some to paint.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Sorry, that was me under "comment deleted", I was in my son's account. I didn't realize he was logged in... anyway, Love the inspiration! Always fun to take our "things" to a fresh, eye-catching level.

Dmarie said...

@Maa, I'd love to see that!
@Mel, thx, me too!
@Practical, we have a boring ole plastic country mailbox...a metal one wouldn't last long with the farm trucks hitting it on a regular basis! Two trucks passing each other on our lane, means our mailbox takes a hit every time!
@Hansen, FRESH is the perfect word for it!

Susan said...

I just loved seeing all these makeovers. Especially for the sea shells, have lots of them after grandchildrens' visits ;-)

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