Thursday, March 31, 2011

On my mind: March goes out

 Traveled to Louisville again yesterday...through some rain that turned into SNOW. Didn't see that coming!
   Anyway, no worries, the weather didn't get in the way of anything. We had a great visit with distant family, and before heading home, I talked Hubby into stopping by one of those big ole healthy food stores.
   In our little region, organic foods are so very pricey and sometimes hard to come by. So, I was able to buy a thing or two that we like.
   Pictured at right is a can of tomatoes bought here at home recently for $3.15, along with the cans bought in L'ville for $2.69. (Bought to pump up the flavor of cheap salsa.) The savings might not've paid for our gas (!), but every little bit counts, eh?

   Thanks, Rhonda at down-to-earth, for sharing this On My Mind concept. Anything on your mind? Share your link here or on down-to-earth. 


Practical Parsimony said...

I have a silly, little trick I do/say to impress upon myself how really useful these "small economies" are in my life. (Dmarie, thank you for the phrase.)

I say to myself, "Okay, so that seems piddling, but if I paid $269 for a $315 item, I would think the savings were substantial."

For me this little trick of the mind and manipulation of the figures works. If I saved at this rate many times, I would save $46. Okay, I said it was silly.

It's too bad you don't have the time to make each trip pay for the gas by buying so well.

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

Can't believe March is over (and I can't believe how many posts of yours I've missed)!

Love Muir Glen products.

Alynia said...

Off course, now you were already there, every economy is nice!

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

The price of gas now is ridiculous. Nice to be able to save wherever we can

Anonymous said...

oh thats an important matter! and true I am so bad in saving money ...So I send my husband shopping, he does it always great;)

Dmarie said...

@Practical, love that little trick!!
@Meg, me too! nice to see you here again!
@Alynia & Maris, my thinking exactly!
@Sarah, lucky woman!!

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