Friday, March 11, 2011

This moment: Life's surprises

Went to the grocery yesterday and on the way, I drove behind this truck. Thought I saw a calf in the truck bed, but it turned out to be a BIG dog. I'd never seen a dog as massive as this black and white behemoth! Had to take a pic, even though the car behind me laid on its horn.
   Anyway, got some great buys on won ton, egg roll and round wrappers. Came home and split each package in half, freezing most all of them. (Pictured here with butter wrappers being used as separators.)
   Also got an incredible buy on mushrooms: 10 - 8oz. pkgs. of sliced baby bellas @$1.49 each and 4 - 8oz. pkgs. white button mushrooms at .89 cents each. So ever since getting home from the store, I've had mushrooms cooking down in pans on the shelf of the woodburner. Once cooked, I'll freeze all the cooked baby bellas in various-sized portions for future pizzas, pastas and soups.
   One of these days I need to experiment with dehydrating mushrooms...the 4 button mushroom containers are waiting in the fridge for me to do just that. Hope to find the time tomorrow.
  Anxiously awaiting more news of our brothers and sisters in Japan. Hoping for the best for Hawaii and our own west coast. Tragedies of this proportion remind us all how very precious and uncertain life can be!

Thanks to Soulemama for this Friday photo sharing concept. If you're so inclined, leave a link to your moment for others to visit.


Practical Parsimony said...

Do you have a dehydrator? If not, what method do you use to dry? I was heartsick with Japan only reporting one death the first I heard last night, knowing it would be much worse when I awoke. That is ONE BIG DOG.

Dmarie said...

Practical, we have an electric dehydrator, but it's only ever been used for drying venison jerky!

I feel like crying when I see the footage of Japan and think of all they must be going through. Japan is my ultimate travel wish, so I've read about it for years and have a strong affinity for its culture and peoples.

Stephanie Ann said...

That really is a big dog!

On another note, the footage of Japan is just horrible. I can not imagine the heartache and suffering.

Susan said...

I'd have taken a photo too - he's a huge dog. What a feed bill!

Great buys indeed. Good use for the butter wrappers too!
We dried mushrooms once, on a wire shelf suspended from the mantelpiece above our open fire. Such a success, however, we lived with the smell of mushrooms for many weeks after that :D

singlemama said...

here's my moment:

and I am also sad for Japan...

Anonymous said...

That is one big dog!!

mysoulforsale said...

I think I'd probably pass out if I came across that dog on the street and he wasn't firmly attached to his owner via a massively thick leash!

Dmarie said...

@StephAnn, sure enjoyed checking out your last post's suggestions!
@Susan, hmnn, thanks for that cautionary tale...maybe I should set the dehydrator in the outbuilding!
@mysoul, me too!!
@Single & Mel, glad to "see" you!

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