Sunday, August 28, 2011

Local food joints, local flavor: Lynn's Paradise Cafe and Roy's Bar-B-Cue

Lynn's Paradise Café, Louisville, Kentucky. Gotta love the atmosphere at Lynn's. This was our second visit (stopped here on our way home from the State Fair on Monday), and my food was sketchy this time around. If we return, I'll stick with a Kentucky Hot Brown and a milkshake. Lynn's does a fine job with those!

FIL ordered Lynn's "Highlander" sandwich...meat overload! FIL pronounced it delicious. My cup of Tomato Onion Soup arrived pretty tepid, as were my sweet potato fries. Lynn's does make a decent Kentucky Hot Brown though, which I had last time and can recommend.
Lynn's sponsors the "Ugly Lamp Contest" each year at the Kentucky State Fair. The café is already jam-packed with ugly lamps, but these winners may yet find a place there.
Roy's Bar-B-Cue, Russellville, Kentucky. The walls at Roy's are covered with hunting and fishing trophies, fishing lures, and sports memorabilia. This was the room over Hubby's shoulder.
Good smoky barbecue...served up with your choice of mild or hot bbq sauce, shown here with cornbread pancakes and onion straws. "Killer Onion Rings" on Hubby's plate.
This was the wall behind me, and a couple of deer mounts were above our heads too. Can't say as I've ever eaten a meal with teeth like these breathing down my neck...Roy's Bar-B-Cue was certainly a memorable joint!
Hope your weekend was filled with flavor!!


Practical Parsimony said...

Your posts always make me so hungry, even when I am not a bit hungry! Those look like pancakes on hubby's plate. ???

Sue said...

My blog reading time is in the early am---and your photos always get my tummy rumbling. I LOVE onion straws. These look delicious!

Beauty and The Green said...

Am sorry but the food stole my attention. Looks so good! Oh!, and the heads freak me out too, poor animals.

Dmarie said...

Practical, those are cornbread pancakes!
@Sue and Beauty, it's time for me to turn in but food pictures always make me hungry too...regardless of the time! ;)

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