Monday, August 1, 2011

Eating meatless but looking at pics of meat from the Ohio State Fair

Lunch was Kung Pao Veggies featuring green and YELLOW zucchinis, plus yellow summer squash.
It's not cheating to just look, is it? If so, then I shouldn't be sitting here on Meatless Monday looking at pics of some of the MANY meats we saw at the Ohio State Fair.
Never had seen yellow zucchini before we bought some from an Amish man at a farmer's market at Kentucky's Blue Licks Battlefield State Park on the way home from Ohio. The Amish farmer had traveled from Mays Lick, Kentucky. Though the market didn't open 'til 3, he'd been dropped off at 1, so his friends could ride on down the road to another market in another town. Originally from Pennsylvania, he said the Mays Lick Amish community consists of 35 families. His comment that he loves living in Kentucky set well with me of course. Said he wished he'd moved here years ago, "It's a great place to raise kids."
Supper tonight was a Crustless Swish Chard Quiche I'd made on Saturday...this little mish mash turned out so fine!
Hubby and I split this bad boy at the fair on Thursday....boy, don't I love tzatziki sauce! This Greek Gyro was yummy, and it was kinda nice knowing we were helping to support the Ohio Lamb Producers as well.
Wish we'd had some room in our tummies when we got to this Amish booth, though I can't quite see me eating the "Amish favorite: Noodles over Mashed Potatoes"!
No room for Meatless Monday at this barbecue booth!
   Yeah, kinda rude to ask while you're looking at these meats, but did anyone else go meatless today?? Hope to share the pics of the cakes I took at the Ohio State Fair mañana. Oh, how I love a state fair!!
   (P.S. August is National Happiness Month...let's make this August our best one yet!!)


Niki said...

Love your idea for squash and zucchini. I am going to have to try it since we have sooo much. I keep giving it away but it just keeps on growing and growing.

Love Tzatziki! I am going to make some tomorrow with zucchini fritters!

Anonymous said...

So glad you're visiting The Ohio State Fair. This year, the fair is promoting chocolate bacon (haven't had that yet) as well as the Krispy-Kreme hamburger. Did you see these things? The fair is always a great foodie adventure

Kimmie said...


Dmarie said...

@Niki, sounds yummy--can't wait to see how they turn out!
@Anon, when I passed the choc-covered bacon, I had no room left, but I totally would have gone for that! Somehow I missed seeing the doughnut burgers...heard about them from some foodie on the way out!
@Kimmie, oh, yeah, me too!!

Practical Parsimony said...

I was so hungry when I stopped by here today, and now I am even hungrier!

Melissa@Vidastyle said...

Your crustless quiche looks delicious. Thankyou for stopping by my blog, you really should try passionfuit it is tart but delicious.

Sue said...

The Kung Pao veggies look so delicious.
And the Amish favorite?? A carbohydrate overload. Sorry. I've read about that in some Amish cookbooks I have and I always have that same reaction---TWO carbs????
(and NO, I don't diet!)

Mark said...

Do eggs count? We had omelettes for dinner.
If I were at that fair,I'd be drooing over that meat. You have such willpower. m.

Melinda said...

We go meatless everyday as happy and satisfied vegans. :) So, no, you were definitely not alone! I think those yellow squash look delicious, even though I just had a huge pile on my plate with lunch, I go easily go for some more... :)

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