Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What kinda title ties together sushi with breakfast foods?

Sushi sampler (very fresh tasting--yum!) from Zuki Japanese Hibachi Grill and Sushi Lounge, Evansville, Indiana. I was neither thrifty nor green yesterday. Drove an hour, spent way too much money shopping and got lunch in a takeway container. I did bring the container home to wash and recycle, but STILL. Sad reminder to me to make sure to always have a glass container in the car, just in case I get a wild hair and decide to eat takeout.
Yeah, I forgot Meatless Monday yesterday--AGAIN! Well, at lunch anyway; I went meatless at supper. And of course, breakfast was my usual smoothie--banana this time. 
   While a smoothie does it for me at breakfast time, Hubby usually wants something more substantial. 
   This morn I made him a quiche. Made it too late for him to eat this morn but DD managed to enjoy a slice when it was hot out of the oven.
    Made Hubby a breakfast casserole last week. The only time we buy canned biscuits or rolls is when we want to make this casserole. Soo quick and easy, perfect for company!
   Spent a good part of today in town, and now that I'm home I don't feel like doing a durned thing! I'm pretty much a morning person, and I wasted most of my morning energy in town. Excuses, excuses, eh? What's your secret for staying motivated in the afternoons??


Sue said...

I'm the most "morning person" on earth--but by 5 pm--forget it. I like to just read and read....If it's not done by 5, it doesn't get done.
The breakfast casserole looks good-almost like a pan pizza!

Dmarie said...

read anything good lately??? been too long since I've lost myself in a good book!

Niki said...

I always forget about meatless monday too. But I think we kind of get a pass for having quite a few veggie meals during the week.

Practical Parsimony said...

I am NOT a morning person at all. Around 6 pm I am loaded with energy and creativity. Mornings are not for thinking at all. I can rev up my morning brain if pushed to do so.

My head thinks afternoons are for napping. No, I don't nap every afternoon, but I can always feel a nap coming on. I have to fight the feeling of lethargy and the longing to lie my head down.I force myself to do a necessary task that does not require inspiration or perspiration...wash clothes, wash dishes.

Dmarie said...

@Niki, I like the way you think!
@Practical, hmmn, that's food for thought...maybe I should reserve certain tasks for afternoons. now I just have to think of the tasks that can be done without inspiration, perspiration or me getting off my tush! ;)

Nancy C said...

I find that a short nap around 2 pm can keep me going later in the evening. :)

Mary said...

It does look like pizza! Yum!

The beautiful weather motivates me to get busy after I get off work! I love being outside and puttering around after sitting in front of a computer screen all day.

Otherwise, I would take a nap.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Wow you have me stumped , motivated in the afternoon what does that mean :). I guess I don't but the sushi makes me want to go and get some. B

Mark said...

If I'm home in the afternoon, I take a nap. No motivation here!

Dmarie said...

*chuckle* you guys are the best!! :-D

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your breakfast casserole looks delicious!

Thanks for linking up to Weekend Baking :)

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