Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spring Mill State Park's Pioneer Village ghost; Owling is the new planking

Double click to enlarge the photo to see the ghostly fingers reaching for the table. (I was tempted to end this caption with that, just to see how goosebump-worthy my photo is. Sorry to disappoint any ghostbusters, a cobweb is responsible for the "fingers.")
This challenge to do something new every day reaps unexpected benefits. Tho' rain looked imminent, I drove to the park anyway, as walking in the rain on purpose would be new to me. Normally, I'd have skipped the walk outdoors, but instead I enjoyed a nice, cool walk and it didn't even rain. Yea!
   On another note, I am SOO behind the times. Evidently planking is out and owling is in!
   HEY, I totally FORGOT about Meatless Monday the other day. Can't believe no one razzed me about that! ;) Hope to do better next week!!
Imagine paying 75 cents per kid per school year quarter!
Gotta love arched garden entries!!
Sweetest little cabin ever!
Some picnickers got smart & cooled down their melon in the nearby creek. Or is this a crick? ;)
    Gotta get off this thing and figure out what my something new will be today. Unless buying fresh Krispy Creme Doughnuts to FREEZE until cheat day counts!?! My blueberry cake doughnuts will be thawed before eaten, but I LOVE eating plain glazed doughnuts frozen. Yeah, weird, I know! Do you eat anything besides ice cream straight from the freezer?


Annie Jones said...

I hope the next fad is in couch potato. LOL!

That little cabin would go with my post today!

And I've been known to nibble on frozen fries and onion rings straight out of the bag.

Dmarie said...

@Annie, I cannot even imagine eating fries or rings straight from the freezer. Too bad I have neither on hand...what an easy something new that would be!

Sue said...

I love that little cabin-that would be wonderful to have in the yard!

BLD in MT said...

I used to eat frozen french fries and tater tots out of the freezer, but I don't really buy those any more so its been years! I'd kind of forgotten about it.

And you are still way ahead of me because I'd never heard of planking or owling before reading about them on your blog. : ) I do go owling....but it means looking for owls!

Niki said...

Haha owling... those crazy kids.

I love the archway and the cabin. I want them both.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Cool shots. Funny you should ask about the freezer thing. I thought I would be smart a few years ago by freezing cookies, tarts, and even chocolate bars and other baked goods so we would not eat them. It appears that My Hero and I acquired a real taste for them frozen now we freeze them then eat them. I will have to think of another way to cut out the bad food. B

Anonymous said...

The cabin is adorable. I like to eat frozen grapes.

Susan said...

That's a cute cabin. I like to look through those type of displays.
I love to eat bananas while they're still slightly frozen ... just like banana icecream only healthier ;-)

no spring chicken said...

I want to pick that sweetest little cabin ever right up and plunk it down in my backyard where I can escape! Love it!!

Blessings, Debbie

melissa said...

Oh, I love this: the garden entry, the cute cabin, the creative watermelon chilling, and ... owling? I literally *just* heard about planking the other day and it's already out! I really need to get with it ;)

purplepear said...

Great photos. I just love things old. That arch and cabin are just so cute.

Fiona @ Brave New Vintage said...

raw cashews straight from the freezer are my favourite sneaky-snack!

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