Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gotta love a quick pasta salad

Hellman's Macaroni Salad: my go-to when I really want potato salad but there aren't any potatoes on hand!


Sue said...

Looks delicious!
I had trouble with the link--is it me or ?

donna said...

I can't connect to the link either. Pasta salads always appeal to me.


My verification word is "heating"...perfect for this very cool morning here in NE WI.

Dmarie said...

oops! sorry about that! the link is working now!!

Patty said...

Did you put something extra in yours to make it so soupy?
Yours does not look like the photo in the link!!!

Dmarie said...

@Patty, that's what it looked like freshly made. when we finished it off yesterday, it looked like the photo!

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