Saturday, March 26, 2011

Win some, lose some: Fabric adventures

Ooh, I hate it when I do something like this! When I was trying to light my candle the other day to refresh the wax on top, I broke a match on striking it. The flaming half dropped onto this tea towel. UGH, of all the goof-ball stunts!
   My fabric-refreshing went a little easier. A little de-pilling salvaged this tank top that I wear under a couple of tops that are a little too low cut.
   Durned undershirt started pilling after only a couple of washes. Trust me, I will be ever wary of buying any 92%Modal/8%Spandex fabrics in the future.
   I was reluctant to even try the fabric shaver on this relatively thin fabric, but the top was reaching the unwearable stage (I HATE pilled fabric), so I really didn't have anything to lose. I stretched the fabric completely taut before de-pilling, to reduce the chances of any folds getting caught and little holes being formed.
   The fabric shaver pictured here is slow and steady...I bought one another time that whirred like a motor boat & chopped plenty of small holes into the fabric as it mowed away the pills. Yikes! Used that one only once!
   Hope you're having more wins than losses these days!!


MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

I've been thinking about a fabric shaver but was worried about one that would chop holes in my clothes!!! Sorry about your tea towel, I hate that.

Practical Parsimony said...

The scorch has weakened the threads. Eventually, there will be a hole there. Ask me how I know. To save this fabric,stitch back and forth over it with your sewing machine. Washing will take out some of the scorch. When you have something to do in the kitchen that might stain a towel, use this one. Always fold it so you can see the stain and grab it for another round of hazardous duty.Even if you are relegating this to a rag bag, a stitch in time saves nine.

How could lighting the candle refresh the wax on top?

Dmarie said...

thx, Meg.
great idea, Practical, I was thinking of finding a cute little patch to put over it, but your idea is quicker to the point. I'd allowed this candle to get too dusty to wash off. By tilting the lighted candle and burning off (pouring off) the top wax, it looks new again.

Gip @ So Much More Life said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I appreciate you coming by and looking at the "Clutter Queen" guest post. I hope you'll be commenting more in the future. The larger the conversation, the more we all learn -- and the more enjoy it!


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