Monday, August 15, 2011

Will coal power go the way of the Edsel? Meanwhile, PLANK responsibly!

Snapped this shot on the way into town today. Maybe one day coal-fired power plants like the one pictured here will be as rare a sight as this old Continental!!
Finally ran out of my stockpiled $3.69 bags of flour and have been waiting for the price to come down again. Since lots of other places are carrying their organic flour for $5.00, I figured I should jump at this sale.
Three things: that's all I needed when I walked into the store! But when I found a good sale on the coconut milk I like ($2.50), organic flour ($4.09), and these un-dented on-clearance cans of wax beans ($.39) and sweetened condensed milk ($.69), I couldn't resist! (One year 'til expiration date on the beans; two years on the sweetened condensed milk.) 
My latest "something news" are perfect, because I can work on them a bit on the days I've less time. I can't seem to get the hang of this juggling, but at least I'm trying! I'd been married to Hubby over 25 years before I learned he could juggle. Someone gave me these balls as a gift, and I saw Hubby juggle for the first time when he taught our visiting niece how to juggle with these. Yup, he continues to surprise me, after nearly thirty years. Oh, and can you believe I've never read Hamlet? We read excerpts in some class in high school, but I've never read it in its entirety. (I've seen a play or two, but I expect to get more out of reading it myself.)
In case you're curious, for dinner we had fried eggplant (no, didn't burn it, tho' I'll admit it looks it!), cukes-n-onions and venison burgers. When Hubby informed me he wasn't very hungry, I decided to save the corn on the cob and some oven-fried sweet potatoes as my head start on tomorrow night. BTW, this is Hubby's plate. I had half a burger, with no bun. Still not crazy about venison.
Learned there's a new trend going around: planking in public places. Y'know, the yoga plank. Anyone else done it or heard of it? If interested, check it out and don't forget to Plank Responsibly! ;)


Laura said...

My husband and I have been married for more than 30 years and he still can surprise me. I learned a few years ago that he can make a mean pizza, including throwing the pizza dough (he worked as a pie man when he was in high school).

My mom used to pay my siblings and I 5 cents a slice to eat fried eggplant when we were little. It must have been the way she fixed it (burned it?), because these days I love it (although my siblings still don't).

And I don't like venison either.

Annie Jones said...

I love venison, but I have to say, ground venison is usually my least favorite cut. I think it's tastes gamier than other cuts for some reason.

Practical Parsimony said...

I do not get planking! I know what it is, but it seems rather absurd. Does this attitude mean I am getting old?

Anonymous said...

Please pass the venison burger and fried egg plant and while your up would you mind frying the cucumbers
~~Peace & Love~~

Sue said...

But---the ADS say coal is CLEAN energy.........

I'd say the ads lie.

And, I can't do venison.

Mark said...

What? Hamlet is a book now? Who knew!
Your Friend, m.

Lindy Mint said...

That planking website is too funny. I'm waiting for public displays of downward facing dog.

So hows that Hamlet reading going? I had to read a ton of Shakespeare in high school. I always found the first book to be a slog as I got used to the language, but after a few it gets easier. I don't know if I'd have the stamina to try it again, so I commend you.

PS: That eggplant looks yummy.

Dmarie said...

@Laura, you make me wish there were some hidden pizza talents in my hubby!
@Annie, I'm glad you said that, 'cause I'd thought I was getting used to the taste with the venison steaks!
@Practical, *chuckle* embrace the absurd! ;)
@Blessings, fried cucumbers? I may just have to try that!
@Sue, ha, they DO!!
@Mark, LOL, LOVE that!! :-D
@Lindy, what a hoot...I can picture it!! As for Hamlet, just finished the intro this morn; pretty dry stuff. Shakespeare himself will surely be a relief after the intro. ;)

Mary said...

I love venison and eggplant but I've never had them at the same meal!

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