Friday, November 5, 2010

Barefoot Contessa's panko-crusted salmon

Some friends & I have decided to cook together (in our own kitchens, in our different cities) from Barefoot Contessa's new book, How Easy Is That? This was our first recipe & it really WAS super easy...who'd have thought?! ;)
the crumbs, etc., before stirring with olive oil
The salmon fillets, each coated with 1/2 tablespoon of dijon mustard & topped with the crumb mixture.      
   Pictured here just out of the oven, ready to be tented with foil & set to rest an additional 10 min. to cook itself the rest of the way through.
   Tasted delish with a last minute squeeze of lemon. Thanks, Barefoot Contessa--Ina Garten! If the rest of the book's recipe's are this good & easy, I highly recommend Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?
   Can I make this more cheaply? I think I can. Next time I'm going to substitute canned wild salmon and make salmon patties. We'll see how that works! 


Chris Shoemaker said...

I've fixed this recipe before and am making it again tonight. I love Ina's new cookbook and the recipes are very easy and good. My brother who is a west coast food snob was looking at this cookbook and went out and purchased it for himself. That's high praise indeed!

Dmarie said...

we've fixed it again too. definitely a recipe worth bookmarking and repeating!

Spike said...

This is a great recipe and really easy to make. Thanks for sharing and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

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