Thursday, November 25, 2010

Make over: cloth bag to clothespin bag

Thanks to a conversation about reusable bags over on Practical Parsimony, I got the idea to use a freebie reusable bag I had on hand to revamp my 28+ year old clothespin bag. I'd made the original bag out of some scrap of fabric hand sewn to a clothes hanger, and after all these years, the thing was literally falling apart.
After snipping the handles off a reusable cloth bag, I just scissor-cut some slits in the top of the bag. After untwisting the wire coat hanger, I threaded the (original) hanger through the slits and then re-twisted the hanger shut.
Sewed the bottom of the bag a little shorter, so I wouldn't have to reach to the elbow for the clothespins. And wahlah, my new clothespin bag!


Practical Parsimony said...

Well, that was a sad bag that you replaced! I see you are like me--never give up using something raggedy if it can still be used. Waiting for inspiration is certainly better than buying new. I thought about sewing the bottom to make it shorter. That would make it easier. Good job. I did not know you had a blog! I will add you to my blog roll.

Dmarie said...

Thanks, Practical! And I never even thought about replacing my raggedy bag until a couple of weeks ago when a clothespin fell out of the hole & I had to step off the deck into the wet grass to go get it. My umbrella-style clothesline is right next to my deck. How lazy is that!

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