Thursday, November 4, 2010

Save electricity: Unplug & duck walk

Took this pic to highlight a couple of means to save electricity in the bathroom. First off, unplug the phantom loads. In this case, the blow dryer gets unplugged every morn after use. Also in this pic of what's under my vanity, hanging on the left is a little brush & dustpan combo. Though tempted to put a hand-held vacuum in the bathroom just to clean up the hair that accumulates so quickly, I opted for the low-tech instead. Besides, this dustbin-duo will outlast its electric alternative. AND I get a little exercise each time I squat down & duck-walk across the floor, sweeping as I go. Still considering where to hide a little compost bin for tissue paper that doesn't need to go in the toilet. Thanks to Eco Mama for reminding me that every room likely generates potentially compostable waste.



Thanks for the reminder! I sometimes forget those prongs keep sucking away at the electricity!

Dmarie said...

Me too,'s a habit I'm working toward daily!

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