Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Horsing around with freezer canning, Swiss cheese and cheat day

Have I told you that I LOVE where we live? We have only an acre, and neighbors are actually fairly close on both sides.; yet, in the country you never know what might pop up. Captured these guys riding down our neighbors' drive this evening. Living here, we've had several little adventures helping folks we don't even know round up wayward cows, and once even walked a free range horse back down the road to its rightful owner. That's country fun! ;)
Thanks, My Plastic Free Life, for pointing the way to a great post over on Phd Parenting: Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes…
   I'm afraid of canning myself (HELP!), so I like freezing in jars like PhD does, but I have serious freezer envy looking at her post. Maybe Hubby will plant more tomatoes next year, 'cause I want a freezer full of sauces like hers!!
   Made some seriously dull Swiss Cheese Spread the other day. Wah! Main ingredients: Swiss cheese, cream cheese, a little horseradish and  almonds. Any ideas on what I can add to jazz it up? I don't eat crackers unless it's cheat day, so I'm thinking of using the remaining spread to make a potato casserole, but it still needs something. ???
   Meg, of Cooking.In.College, mentioned that she used to have a cheat day but that it was "crazy bad." Well, that pretty much describes MY cheat day! Still, by skipping the breads, pastas and desserts six days a week, I have many fewer opportunities to eat crazy bad!!
   I only follow the 4-Hour Body rules that work for me: i.e., I never quit eating cheese (in moderation), have fruit/protein powder/yogurt smoothies for nearly every breakfast, eat popcorn many afternoons, skip meat whenever I want, eat potatoes and even French fries occasionally, and drink a glass of Ovaltine/coconut milk whenever I'm CRAVING something sweet.
   My goal in starting this was to make myself eat more fruits and veggies -- it totally worked! Never go hungry and don't think of myself as "on a diet," but two pairs of jeans I bought 'cause they were cute and on sale--even tho' too tight to wear--now fit me fine...and have for several months now. Gotta love that! (Spicy Perspective tipped me off to the book, and she has posted some great 4-Hour Body compatible recipes too.)
   Now that I'm eating right--except for cheat day!--my next goal is to get in better shape. I get enough aerobic exercise, but I want defined muscles! That is, besides the ones in my right arm that I get from cooking from scratch!
   If anyone can point the way to something that will motivate me to replace my couch routine with a strength training routine, let me know! :-D


Agnes Sim said...

hi, i've followed your blog. ;-) Thanks for visit my blog n leave the comment. Have a nice day!!

Brenna said...

Canning is nothing to be afraid of, you can do it (pun intended!). But freezer space is always at a premium in this house, as I have a fear of pressure canning, so all of our veggies and soups are stored there. You could always start off with something super easy and fool proof for canning like jam. Take the plunge!

Brenna :)

Practical Parsimony said...

When you freeze in jars, make sure you use "canning/freezing jars." It says that on the box or it says "canning." The easy way to tell if you don't have the box is if the side is straight or has a "shoulder." The shoulder jars are the jars we have used for decades. The straight-sided jars will not burst in the freezer.

Let me clarify one point. I store shelled pecans in the freezer in regular mouth, older, shoulder jars. Why? Because the pecans are not expanding, putting pressure on the glass like liquid would. I would store any dehydrated food in the freezer if I wanted to because there is lots or air space.

Practical Parsimony said...

I meant that when it says only "canning" on the box, those are not for freezing.

Dmarie said...

@Agnes, Thx!!
@Brenna, I know you're right, and I hope to take the plunge sometime. So far, I've only made freezer jams!
@Practical, thanks...very good to know! said...

Perhaps adding sharp grated cheese some pimento or some or black...a few drops of siracha or other hot sauce might perk it up?

Practical Parsimony said...

Try and put garlic and Italian seasoning in it.

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