Monday, October 3, 2011

Meatless Monday: Lucky in love AND eggplant; From Bermuda grass to backyard farm in just ten years!

Oh, YES, my hubby DID can this tomato relish yesterday. He washed and waxed my car today. Gotta love a man who's handy in both the kitchen AND the garage!! When MIL declared she'd not can again, Hubby couldn't bear the loss of her delicious tomato relish and began canning it himself. He doesn't follow any canning rules, but the stuff hasn't killed us yet. ;)

Someone gifted me with four medium eggplants, hence the Eggplant-o-Rama!! Aunt K's Eggplant Casserole just out of the oven here; Eggplant Parmesan ready to go in.

LOVE Julia Child's The Way to Cook," tho' she might not approve of the way I use it. I've a bad habit of taking the easy way out with her recipes as my guide. Used a jarred tomato sauce for my eggplant Parmesan. And because I didn't have another recipe in mind for any leftovers, I used WAY more sauce than Julia recommended. Guess what? Tasted great despite me! (If my brain were awake when I'd made this, I'd have frozen some extra sauce for future pizzas. *sigh*)

Eggplant Parmesan...even simpler but just as tasty as lasagna!

   Started this post yesterday when I came across this great video of a man brave enough to transform his quarter-acre backyard into an urban farm!!
   This video of Richard Heinberg, retired-professor-turned-urban-farmer, is worth a look around but also worth a listen if you're interested in sustainability and the "simple" life. Who knew simple could be so complex?! (Thanks, Unstuffed, for finding this great video!)
   After our first frost Sunday morning, here in western Kentucky we're having a return of mid to upper 70's temps for a few days. LOVIN' that!! Our tomatoes are dwindling but still hopeful about the bell peppers. Hubby just planted some kale. What's up in your neck of the woods?


Kimmie said...

Oh my that looks ever so delish!

Dmarie said...

thanks, Kimmie! :)

Sue said...

Posts like this are hard to see when you're sitting in a hotel room with NO hope for breakfast for another 3 hours. Oh, that stuff looks DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

I love eggplant! It looks yummy!

Practical Parsimony said...

I often freeze the rest of commercial tomato sauce. That was a good video, making me wish for all that in my yard.

Sewandthecity said...

That dish looks yummy…it actually made me hungry. I love aubergines; I wish that my husband did too, as I don’t get to buy them that often. Well I don’t eat read meat so we never buy read meat so I guess I have to compromise somewhere:-)

Susan said...

Good on hubby - tomato relish is great to have... especially homemade!
The eggplant parmesan looks so yummy.
Cheerio for now :D)

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